CK ON CK, SF & LA: My recent interview with poet CK Williams is now online at The Pedestal. He had some pithy and forthright answers to my questions and I appreciate his kindness in doing this interview with me while he shuttling back and forth between the US and Europe. I had the great pleasure of hearing CK read and to chat with him for a bit after his reading earlier this year in Atlanta, so it was especially nice to be able to ask follow up questions.

Tomorrow morning I leave bright and early for San Francisco. I'l be reading on Wednesday night at Modern Times Book Store on Valencia Street to launch the new Red Light: Superheroes, Saints & Sluts anthology from Arsenal Pulp Press. The reading begins at 7:30 p.m., so if you happen to be in SF on Wednesday night, drop by and say hello.

Then on Thursday evening, I'll be down in LA for the big reading with Cecilia Woloch and John Amen at Beyond Baroque on Venice Beach. I'm so excited about this reading, not to mention performing with Cecilia and John again. Reading at Beyond Baroque is one of those plateaus you reach as a poet, and I'm honored to be featuring there.

I'm travelling sans a computer, so don't know if I'll be able to do an update from the road, but will try. If not, a full accounting of my misadventures will follow over the weekend.


Peter said…
Nice interview, Collin. I liked the comments about politics, and current events. And this line about what poetry "finally is:" "Poetry is the most intimate of the arts; it’s the voice of one person’s mind and musicalized language speaking directly to the listening mind of someone else."
Stranger Ken said…
I've just read the interview with C.K. williams, which I enjoyed greatly - it's not the kind of interview I ever get to read in the British press - and two points stand out for me: the importance of Yeats and CKW's views on the intensity of the reader's relationship with the narrating character in a poem. It was interesting that he chose Proust and Conrad. I wonder how he might have felt about Paul Auster and James Joyce?
Friend of T said…
aw, i hope you've run into thea & ryka, one or the other or both, since they were just here and now you're on their turf.if not now, in the future.
yay on reading with Daphne, a favorite to be sure.
~karen g.

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