NEW WORK PUBLISHED: Just a quick note and link to guide you over to the Poetz website, where my poem The Virgin Mary Appears in a Highway Underpass has been published. The great Jackie Sheeler maintains this site and invites poets who have appeared at her Pink Pony West reading series at Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC to submit. In my case, we were walking to dinner after my last reading there back in June and she said, "HEY! I want to put that Virgin Mary poem on Poetz." I happily obliged. It's going to be in the What Remains chapbook as well, which is progressing nicely. Proofs should be in hand right after the new year. I'm very excited.

Still waiting to get my hands on the new, and final, issue of The Chiron Review and waiting with baited breath for the publication of Terminus, which has been slightly delayed. It's supposed to big a issue and Travis Denton, Mike Dockins and the whole Terminus team do a magnificent job on what I think is the best looking lit mag in the country.

I've made a few other submissions to anthologies and journals, but my well is nearly dry of material I think is even close to ready for publication. My hibernation period from January through March should, hopefully, remedy that.

Just got in from the last Java Monkey Speaks reading of the year and it was a corker. The notorious Queen Sheba was the feature and she got a rare standing ovation. She was on good that I'm trying to think of a way to include her in one of my events in 2006. Is Voices Carry at the Carter Center ready for Sheba?

Spent a good bit of this weekend sitting on my couch and reading a book -- finally finishing Margaret Atwood's brilliant Oryx & Crake (which I'd been reading off and on for over a year) and starting John Carder Bush's The Cellar Gang. My copy arrived last week, hand-numbered and signed by John. It is one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen. Order one from his website at


Bookfraud said…
hey, nice post. i had to say tht oryx and crake is awesome. curious why it took you so long to finish -- i read it in, like, a night.

take a submission hibernation indeed. get some sleep and recharge.
Collin said…
Life got in the way of reading it, and then I just set it aside. I've read numerous other novel since and dozens of books of poetry, but that one just kind of languished. Glad I finished it...really loved it.

Now I just need to finish John Irving's latest, because I got about 200 pages in and had to put it aside. If I can get through that one, I'll feel caught up. I still have a stack waiting to be read, including "The Plot Against America," which is at the very top of my list.
Anonymous said…
Really enjoy "The Virgin Mary Appears in a Highway Underpass" when I heard it at Voices Carry and also in Poemz above!

Thank you very much--Phoenix Feathers was waiting in my mail when I returned from Cols. Dustin's in it too which makes it doubly great!

So wish I could be there at ART AMOK! but will attend another Collective event.

Mary Chi-

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