PAY ATTENTION AMERICA! The UK formally introduced the Civil Partners Act today, allowing gay couples to, technically, marry. This will permanently end disputes over next-of-kin issues, taxes, benefits and inheritance issues. Some couples have been waiting 40 years for this right. While not "gay marriage," it is a monumental step in a country that has long held on to its conservative history. While America continues to be held in the bigoted sway of the Christian conservative right wing whackjobs, fueled by Dubya The Fearless Leader, the rest of the world moves forward.

I've tried to avoid politics the last couple of weeks, mainly because I wasn't in the mood to rant, but it's been on my mind. Dubya recycled his "stay the course" speech last week, basically vowing that every American soldier will be killed until we defeat the enemy...whoever they are. He keeps saying the "ter'ists," but god only knows who they are at this point. Maybe the pissed off citizenry of Iraq who want their country back? Certainly not Al-Qaida, who continue to bomb at will all over the country. Osama's probably living it up in the presidential suite at a Hilton somewhere.

Our beloved Secretary of State Condosleeza Rice was forced to admit that terrorist suspects were being flown abroad for interrogation. There are new claims the CIA is running secret prisons to torture alleged terrorists. Germany is calling for an explanation on why 400 CIA flights used its airspace to possibly transport these torture victims. And there's also the embarassing story about the government paying Iraqi newspapers to print positive stories about its mission there. What a joke.

But don't you dare question the USA's motives. If you do, you're a coward, you shit on our soldiers, you don't love your country. Land of the free, home of the brave...yeah, right.


Teamaster said…
Collin, I just can't "get" what you see in men. Men are so...MALE! :)

Seriously though, maybe this development is another poke for you to relocate to Britain?

As for the "terist" madness...I'm getting weary, aren't you? I get mentally involved in fits - then crash.

This is the design of both real terrorism and exploitation of real or illusory or exaggerated terrorism: constant stress, unrelenting worry, the wearing down of nerves and fortitude - and love/preservation of liberty... :(


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