PHOENIX FEATHERS CHAPBOOK: My friend and fellow poet Cleo Creech has created a true piece of art with the chapbook, Phoenix Feathers. Inside, there are four poets featured: Cleo, Lisa Allender, Dustin Brookshire and yours truly. Now, you won't be able to buy this chapbook anywhere. It's not for sale. I'm giving them away to friends and family. Since only 50 copies were made (they are all hand-numbered and signed by Cleo), each poet only got a handful. I received 11 copies and have already given away two.

Cleo handprinted each cover and meticulously crafted the interior pages. There is a vellum overlay, which only adds to the artbook feel. Rather than recycle old poems, I decided to give Cleo three brand new ones, plus the title poem from Better To Travel. Sure, only a few people will ever see this work, although it may pop up elsewhere. You never know. I'm putting one of the new poems, Ornament, below to whet your appetite. If any of my readers here would like a copy of Phoenix Feathers, drop me an email. I'm going to give away five copies on a "first ask, first get" basis.


Having you on Christmas night
is like an unexpected present.
Like a hand opening, unfurling,
to reveal a diamond inside.
It gleams and glimmers for a moment,
then fogs over with long,
slow moans as you enter me.
This is just another jewel for my crown
or an ornament I will pack away
and never use again.
Driving home, I cannot remember
your name or if it was ever spoken,
and I realize that sometimes
it really is the thought that counts.

I love being part of art projects like this. It takes the work back to basics and creates something of beauty. I'll treasure this special book. It's definitely a collector's item. Cheers, Cleo!


M. Ru Pere said…
Yes, truly a work of art/love - I have number 14/50 and read it last night - great poems, fab format . . . you go, Cleo!
Collin said…
Yes, Cleo has outdone himself. Bravo, Cleo!

And thanks to Eduardo who asked for a copy. Now there's just four. :)
Teamaster said…
Wow, Collin! What a cool idea! Reminds me of limited editions of LEAVES OF GRASS or Matisse's JAZZ series book!

And the cover is great (slightly LEAVES-OF-GRASS-ish)!


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