YOUR OWN PERSONAL FASCIST: The New York Times is reporting that Fearless Leader Dubya authorized thousands of illegal wiretaps of U.S. citizens after Sept. 11, but didn't get the required federal warrants. This news broke just in time for the senate to nix renewal of the Patriot Act, which allows the FBI to obtain secret warrants for business, library, medical, and other records, and to get a wiretap on phones of those suspected of being "ter'ists," as Dubya calls them.

His own party continues to turn against him, with senators from both sides of the aisle shooting down the Patriot Act. What I want to know is when do the impeachment proceedings begin? What does Dubya have to do to make this country stand up and realize they have been seduced by a band of power and money hungry criminals? Bill Clinton was almost impeached for getting a blow job, which ranks pretty low on my list of high crimes.

This administration is moving us toward fascist state and yet nothing happens. Wake up, America!


Anonymous said…
Sort of like your own personal jesus...NOT!

I heard he admitted to it this morning. Maybe they will impeach him now.

Anonymous said…
For most Americans Bush could piss in their face and tell them it is raining, and they'd believe him.

nolapoet said…
We have the Suburban Storm Troopers for Jesus "protecting" us from "terrorism" in Afghanistan/Iraq.

We have the secret police on MARTA.

We have the Stasi in Kennesaw (it's called ChoicePoint).

You can't fly out of the country from Hartsfield-Jackson or several other U.S. cities without having your retina Xeroxed.

We have a Congressionally-approved fence going up across the entire U.S.-Mexico border, as part of a VERY Nazi-esque immigration bill.

The barn door is closing rapidly, America.
Cleo said…
I'm amazed at some of the pollling on this. The Bush administration has done so much to undermine human rights, and increase the power of the president's office, all under the umbrella of "making America safer" or in the interest of "National Security". The American people seem to be buying it though.

A big chunk of the population feels that "well, I know I'm not doing anything wrong, so I don't care." People so easily forget the diligence needed on human rights issues and free-speech issues.

It's such a slippery slope, we're probably not too far from writer's and poets who just happen to have an anti-war or anti-bush piece published, or speak at a peace rally suddenly be labeled a "security threat" or "anti-American" and have a file started on them.

It one of those classic cases where we can't forget just what it is that makes America great and worth fighting for. Human rights and free speech are a bedrock foundation of the U.S., not just abstract notions that are only given lip service when it's convenient, and then thrown out the window when it's not.

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