WEEKEND UPDATE: I'm having a relaxing weekend...hanging out at the apartment, talking to friends, watching movies and tonight I'm dropping by the release party for Chelsea Rathburn's new collection of poetry, The Shifting Line. I'll have more on that in the next post.

A couple of cool things have happened in the last few days. I saw the cover concept for Slow To Burn and it's FABULOUS! Very simple and elegant...black cover and red lettering. I've been talking with MetroMania Press editor/publisher Tanya Keyser about font styles and doing some line edits on the manuscript. I'll have a gally soon. We've also been discussing readings in Texas, and I'm working on setting up a gig in NYC in the fall. I've also started laying the ground work and making connections to do a couple of readings in London.

Speaking of London, I was talking to my friend Donna this morning about setting the date for our trip over. British Airways is having a sale, but you have to purchase before Feb. 2. Hopefully, we'll get it settled and I'll be back in my beloved England. We're planning to hang out in London for a few days, going down to Rochester and then to York. We've already dubbed it the Magical Mystery Tour...I'm sure it will be a scream. We're meeting up with some of our friends and fellow Kate Bush fans, so we're looking forward to that most of all.

In other news, Beth Gylys is featuring at the next Poetry At Portfolio Center on Friday, Feb. 3. If you haven't read her award-winning collections Bodies That Hum and Spot in the Dark, you're missing out on the work of a fine poet. On Saturday, Feb. 4, Word Diversity Collective is holding its next show, Nine-Tenths of the Law. It will be an evening of poetry, theatre and music. WDC will also publish its first 'zine featuring poetry by members and other artists. I'll have two poems featuring in this inaugural issue. Very exciting! Check out the website and come out and support us if you're in Atlanta next Saturday.

The Independent in London published an essay last week about poetry being the new Prozac. Apparently some study was done that shows writing poetry is therapeutic and has helped depressives get off their meds. I agree, poetry can be helpful, but only in that "I'm writing this so I won't commit homicide" sort of way. I also reject the idea that all poets are headed down the Sylvia Plath-head-in-the-oven path. Sure, I have depressive episodes -- most people do -- but I've never considered going on meds. From poetry to prosaic in three pills a day? I'll pass.


Peter said…
Hi Collin: Thanks for the link to the poetry and Prozac article.
jenniandjack said…
"From poetry to prosaic in three pills a day? I'll pass."

LOL. Amen brother!

I have depression/mania episodes, (diagnosed as Bipolar 2) but they're not so severe that I can't grit my teeth and get through them. I do other things too--I workout, try and eat right, stay in bed all day, clean my house all night--lol. I would go on meds if they became too severe--like full breaks and episodes, but right now they're just more annoying than anything.
Bookfraud said…
poetry nation puts a pain on prozac nation. i love it.

sounds like exciting things are happening in atlanta. release parties, readings, etc. i'll have my brother check 'em out...
Clare said…
Good luck with getting a flight to London Collin :). Checkout Virgin Atlantic as often they are cheaper than BA even in a sale.
Collin said…
Thanks, Clare! Virgin doesn't fly out of Atlanta (sadly), so I would have to connect in NYC. I've tried this before and its fairly nightmarish. I think the BA deal is going to work out and I'll be winging my way over in May. :)

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