WAR WITH IRAN...COMING SOON: The New Yorker says Dubya and Co. are gearing up to start a bombing campaign against Iran, which will certainly spiral out of control and require ground troops. Dubya figures that since Iraq won't be a suitable legacy, he'll just keep toppling governments until he finally gets it right. I agree Iran doesn't need to have nuclear weapons, but what happened to diplomacy, sanctions and international pressure? Why is America always leading the war machine? And since Russia and China oppose military action, where does that place us? Back in another Cold War scenario? The real question is where are the impeachment proceedings against this president? If we don't get this administration out of office, the bombs falling might be on us...and who knows what other superpower's name will be emblazoned on the side. This fall, midterm elections will take place, and I'll vote for anyone who has a (D) by their name. I don't care if they have a coke spoon in their nose and eat babies for dinner, give me anybody but Dubya. Read The New Yorker article here.


Teamaster said…
I agree with you. This is outrageous. While Iran is a hotbed of anti-life loons, it's also a potential hotbed of protracted war.

But that's the point, isn't it? "Perpetual war."

Heed Orwell's 1984: "
All that is needed [for control] is that a state of war should exist."

jenni said…
I agree too. The bobmb might start falling over here. It may be a good time to pack up and move to New Zealand or something. . .
"I agree Iran doesn't need to have nuclear weapons..."

Why do you believe this? Just wondering actually. I don't know too much about this specific situation.
Collin said…
Because Iran has claimed, repeatedly, that it wants to nuke Israel. I rarely agree with anything Dubya and Co. have to say, but Iran's president is one scary motherfucker. He's a holocaust denier, etc. My question is, why can't the US take out the administration rather than bomb the whole country? That's what I've never understood. If Daddy Dubya had the balls, he would have take out Hussein in the early 90s and we wouldn't be at war their today. Dubya is just mopping up daddy's mess, but making it even bigger.
Heard an interview on NPR about this. All of it just makes me sad. When is all the senseless Bull/t going to stop??

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