13 WEIRD THINGS ABOUT ME: Got this from Jenni's blog, who got it from Anne. More things you probably didn't even need, or want, to know about me:

1. I am a peanut butter addict (JIF creamy, please).

2. I knock wood every night before bed to keep demons, robbers, etc. away.

3. Although I love buying stuff, I hate shopping.

4. I don't like lettuce (it tastes like grass to me), so I never eat salad.

5. I have food texture issues (lettuce is one of them).

6. A few years ago, I had phone sex with a girl and really enjoyed it.

7. I want to be rich, but not famous.

8. I hate driving.

9. Florida bores the shit out of me (Sorry, Floridians!).

10. Contrary to the cliche, I could never live in San Francisco.

11. I was once paid for sex (and still haven't written a poem about it).

12. The last time I did hard drugs was New Year's Eve 1999-2000. Ecstasy. Thought I'd better go out high in case the world came to an end.

13. I once had sex in a public toilet at Oxford Circus in London (and haven't written a poem about that either).


AnonymousQueen said…
w0w l0l
You're one dirty gurl! Ever eat peanut butter while having sex? I bet you have!

I hope we get to meet during Atlanta AWP. I'll be the one tapping my foot in the bathroom stall.
Collin said…
I'm sure we'll meet at AWP. I'll bring the peanut butter. ;)

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