DUBYA JUST DOESN'T GET IT: I have to agree with the woman holding the sign in the photo above. It appears that a bj in the Oval Office is the only thing that will motivate Congress to begin impeachment. Dubya's own party is turning against him, approval ratings remain in the toilet and last night he goes on television pandering to his base and the key Latino vote the Republicans need to stay in office. Problem is, his pandering went over like a lead balloon. He's militarizing the southern border, agreeing to amnesty (although he won't call it that) and proposing to build bigger fences. If we send 6,000 National Guard troops to the border, yet don't give them policing power, what's the point? Many of the Guardsmen will have just returned from Iraq, so let's send them into another potential war zone.

Look, I don't know what the answer is to the immigration situation. We've allowed something like 12 million illegals to remain in the country. A report on CNN last week said that nearly 4 million people who had entered America on visas in the last three to five years were nowhere to be found. They might still be in the county...they might be terrorists. Nobody knows. Every administration has failed to follow through on illegal immigration. This country has allowed big business to employ illegals for next-to-nothing wages, and now we're trying to put a band-aid over an ax wound. In the meantime, many of the immigrants have been in the country for a decade, had children, work jobs, have built a life. Do they get shipped back to Mexico?

I suppose giving longtime "illegals" the chance to become legal citizens has merit, but is that fair to those who have gone through the process of trying to become a citizen the legal way? It's just a quagmire that has no solution that a majority can agree on. Of course the Republican talking heads blame the Democrats (specifically Clinton) for not doing more to stem the tide of illegal immigration, totally forgetting that Reagan and Daddy Dubya did nothing for 12 long years either. There' s plenty of fingerpointing and no answers.

What is clear is that Dubya's lip service and failure to look at the bigger picture is another symptom of, to borrow from Deep Throat, a cancer on the presidency. It's terminal. Somebody pull the plug.


Great post. Love the image.

rae said…
"This country has allowed big business to employ illegals for next-to-nothing wages, and now we're trying to put a band-aid over an ax wound"

Exactly. Not only paid them next to nothing but then these money hungry corporations didn't have to offer them any other benefits: health insurance and unemployment compensation. All of which hard working Americans end up paying for. I'm continually amazed by how many liberals are ok with this. Oh, I know why, because some people have turned this into a race issue instead of seeing it as a humanitarian issue. A lot of people are so blinded by the fact that the divide between the rich and middle class in this country is huge, yet the middle class continue to think like they are rich and therefore only make the rich, richer.
Teamaster said…
Cool points on the so-called "immigration" conflict, Collin.


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