MEMORIAL DAY REPORT: Wowsers, kids. The stomach bug really kicked my ass. I was feeling better on Saturday before I went down for the reading in Fayetteville, but by the time it was over I felt like absolute hell. Yesterday, I started feeling better again later in the day and was finally able to eat some solid food. Today, I feel fine. Not sure what the hell it was (food poisoning perhaps), but glad it's passed.

The reading at the Fayette County Library was a bust, but I had such a good time I didn't even give a damn. We had about 15 people there, which Christeen chalked up to the holiday weekend. She was more disappointed than I was. I told her there was no way we were ever going to have 200 people again like we did for the launch of Better To Travel...unless Oprah gets behind the next book. Jennifer and Denton Perry sang some songs (Black Coffee and Fever) and I did about a 30 minute set. Chris, as usual, had a big spread of food laid out and everyone got to take several plates home. Old friends were in the room including former newspaper co-worker Martha and her cousin, Kim, my art teacher from middle school Stella Mitchell (who just recently published her first book) and my mother also turned out. I kept it fairly clean for her sake.

I think I've reached a Zen-like peace with the lack of turnout at these events. The book continues to sell, and I really need to get over myself and get back to writing, which is what I plan to do. The last two big events coming up are "4 Goethe" tomorrow night and my reading at Java Monkey on Sunday, June 4. After that, it's a smattering of appearances here and out of town, but mostly the calendar is empty until fall. I plan to make myself a ghost for the next three months. There's much to do.


Clare said…
Glad you are feeling better Collin. So many people seem to have gotten sick this long weekend (we had a long weekend here too).
jenni said…
Caroline is home from school today with the stomach virus. Glad you are feeling better!
Collin said…
The stomach virus is going around. Two of my good friends had it last week and just got an email tonight and said he and his wife both have it.

Mistress of Corgi Manor said…
Pues, perdoname, mi amor! I agree that for all the work that you, Christeen and Susan did, you all deserved a bigger turnout. Remember, everyone who was there, was there because they really wanted to be there. And for one reason - YOU! That's why I told Chris it had the intimate feel of a very exclusive party. When I have a small audience, I think about how each one could have been anywhere else, even home. But they chose to be there, in that chair, near me and my combo. For the love of Pete, when's the last time you saw folks dance at a poetry event?
You're doing great work, Collin. And you're working very hard. Why not let some of the rest of us help out? Delegate, baby!

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