TODAY IS THE DAY: I'm trying to calm my nerves a bit as I prepare for the Atlanta launch party of Slow To Burn at galerieMC. We've sent out hundreds of postcards, email blasts, etc. Once again, our "alternative weekly" Creative Loafing gave me the shaft. Not even a calendar listing. This happens over and over...I don't know why I bother sending them anything. They obviously don't support literature of any kind in this city, unless it's one of their own or some author who's "famous." Fuck the locals. Hell, they even killed off the one small nod to literature -- a tiny box called "Shelf Space" -- that was obviously getting in the way of massage parlor ads and the next wannabe fratrock band. It's a complete disservice to the community. At least the AJC and Southern Voice managed to get a mention in this week. It's a dark, rainy day here in Atlanta, which always effects turnout at events. I know a good many of my friends, fellow poets and co-workers are coming out, but I hope to draw in some others who are just curious or who have never ventured out. galerieMC is a beautiful space, we're having good wine, good nibbles. I have my fingers crossed. I'll report back tonight.


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