AWP ACCEPTANCE! You could have knocked my ass over with a feather this afternoon when I got the email that the reading I proposed for the AWP conference in Atlanta next spring had been accepted! Woo-hoo! The reading will be called OUTspoken, and will feature a selection of Atlanta's best gay and lesbian poets who are part of Atlanta Rainbow Muse. I am over the fucking moon about this. I know so many writers who have applied (over and over in some cases) and have never had a panel or reading accepted by AWP, so to get one on the first try is quite satisfying.

I'm also excited about Voices Carry 3, which will take place on Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Carter Center at the Jimmy Carter Library in Atlanta. I'll be reading with Delisa Mulkey, Chelsea Rathburn, Rupert Fike, Robin Kemp, Stephen Bluestone, Theresa Davis, Karen Head, Kodac Harrison and Cecilia Woloch.

I'm off to pack for my move next weekend.


This is great. Now I really have to attend so I can sit in the audience in disguise and listen without the hoard of autograph seekers!

But fo shizzle, congrats sugar baby.
Nick said…
Congrats, Collin! Bravissimo!
Ivy said…
Yay! Well done!
That's great news. Good for you Collin -- good for Atlanta -- good for poetry.
Peter said…
Yay! Congratulations!

I have heard of one rejection for a panel I was invited to be on, still waiting to hear about the others. But, even if not on a panel, I'll still be going . . . see you there!
Collin said…
MM and Peter...I look forward to meeting you both. :)
Lisa Allender said…
I'm actually not surprised--as hard as you work, it's about time you get rewarded with something GREAT, on the FIRST TRY!!
Looking forward to this major event!!
Anne said…
Terrific news, Collin! I'm toying with the idea of attending AWP this year, though ultimately it's going to depend on vacation time and finances (or lack thereof). If I make it, I'll be sure to show up at your reading!
Yeah! Congrats!
jenni said…
hooray! that's awesome! i will be going this time since it is so close. also, see you this fall in charlotte!
Anonymous said…
C. Dale said…
Congratulations! Good to know at least one such panel will exist at AWP.
Que bueno, mi amigo, y felicidades. Te lo mereces, y muchas mas (incluye mucho dinero!)

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