THE NAMES: Last year when I went to London, my hotel was situated between Tavistock Square and the Russell Square Underground station. This was part of London's "ground zero" during the horrific bomb attacks which happened one year ago today. My friend Carrie might have been on the Number 30 bus had she not overslept, since her office is at Tavistock Square. The scaffolding repairing the building across from the blast site was still in place and I couldn't help but stop and reflect for a moment. I used the Russell Square station every day, and like the rest of those Londoners, I was not afraid. When I travel to London again, I'm staying in the same hotel and will use the tube extensively and I will not be afraid. I pause again now to remember the 52 who died. You can visit this site at the BBC to see their photos and read about their lives. At noon today in London, a moment of silence was held to remember the lost and the more than 700 who were injured.

Russell Square
James Adams, Samantha Badham, Philip Beer, Anna Brandt, Ciaran Cassidy, Rachelle Chun For Yeun, Elizabeth Daplyn, Arthur Frederick, Karolina Gluck, Gamze Gunoral, Lee Harris, Ojara Ikeagwu, Emily Jenkins, Adrian Johnson, Helen Jones, Susan Levy, Shelley Mather, Michael Matsushita, James Mayes, Behnaz Mozakka, Mihaela Otto, Atique Sharifi, Ihab Slimane, Christian Small, Monika Suchocka and Mala Trivedi.

Tavistock Square
Anthony Fatayi-Williams, Jamie Gordon, Giles Hart, Marie Hartley, Miriam Hyman, Shahara Islam, Neetu Jain, Sam Ly, Shyanuja Parathasangary, Anat Rosenberg, Philip Russell, William Wise and Gladys Wundowa.

Lee Baisden, Benedetta Ciaccia, Richard Ellery, Richard Gray, Anne Moffat, Fiona Stevenson and Carrie Taylor.

Edgware Road
Michael Brewster, Jonathan Downey, David Foulkes, Colin Morley, Jennifer Nicholson and Laura Webb.


bookfraud said…
thank you for the link to the site, collin. i read over the bios, gazed at the pictures, felt a little piece of my soul die.
Lisa Allender said…
Thank you for the reminder, Collin.A lovely tribute, too!
Ivy said…
This kills me. Sadness...
My former co-worker was the man on all the magazines and newsies helping that lady who was holding that mask on her face.
Collin said…
That would be Paul Dadge. Who was profiled the other day by the BBC. You can see it at this link
michi said…
thanks for posting this, collin.

like you, i used russell square station many times when i stayed with my friend keiko in london.
yup! that's paul!

my darling friend who died in 9/11 was named paul and the dashing hero who helped in 7/7 is named paul ... the world really does go full circle.
jenni said…
Very sad indeed, but thanks for the tribute. Hope you are doing well. xo
Bob said…
Colin. Lovely Tribute. Can I ask a favour? I am trying to create an online 7/7 tribute to the victims and their families and to to the survivors. Would you mind mentioning the following flickr group in your blog?

My cousin, Jonathan Downey is one of the dead.


Bob Farrell

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