TUESDAY NOTES & NOTIONS: I've been following the horrible terrorist bombing of the commuter trains in Mumbai (Bombay) all day. The death toll stands at more than 160 with more than 400 injured, according to the BBC. Seven bombs were planted, but a group hasn't claimed responsibility. It's almost certainly Islamic terrorists. The simultaneous blasts (very reminiscent of the Madrid and London bombings) happened during the height of evening rush hour to maximize casualties. As you can see from the photo at right, Mumbai trains are beyond packed. I can't even imagine the chaos. Very sad.

The always busy Cleo Creech sent over the proof of Outside The Green Zone, a chapbook of poems by Atlanta writers he's put together in response to the fatwa issued against gays and lesbians in Iraq. He hopes to have copies available for the Saturday, July 22 GLTBQ reading at the Atlanta Public Library Downtown Branch from 2-6 p.m. I'll post information and info about getting one of these chapbooks soon.

I worked late, then came home and dove into the redesign of the Poetry Atlanta website. You can actually see a new look starting to take shape at the site now, but once its complete, the site will look very different. Poet Robin Kemp is finishing up a history of the organization and we're going to raid Dan Veach's files for photos, programs and other info to offer an illustrated history as well. Clean, concise and visitor friendly are the goals of the new site.

If you're looking for a poet tomorrow night, they'll be sitting on their couch watching the first episode of Project Runway season three, which seems to be the reality tv show of choice for poets. I don't get it. Kinda bores the shit out of me. I'll be watching So You Think You Can Dance. When does the new season of Amazing Race start? This summer has been a television wasteland.

I was listening to NPR on the way home tonight and one of the reporters mentioned that we are now officially in the "last half" of 2006, which is marked by the July 4 holiday. Shit...where does the time go?

RIP Syd Barrett.


The world's capacity for giving and receiving violence has no end. Sad moments continue. Unfortunately.
Anonymous said…
I know this is probably terrible to say but I liked Pink Floyd better after Syd went crazy and left. Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall would have probably never happenef if Syd were there.


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