SUMMER COLD & MORE ROISIN: A couple of the office crew had summer colds last week and now I have one, too. I've been fighting it off with lots of liquids, Tylenol Cold & Flu and getting more rest. Luckily, I had absolutely nothing to do this weekend. Starting Sept. 1, the entire month is non-stop poetry-related events, including Poetry at Portfolio Center, Decatur Book Festival, Voices Carry, reading with Rupert Fike at Composition Gallery, taping new episodes of The Business of Words and my reading in New York. Check out for the full line-up and links.

On Thursday morning, I moderated a panel for the Atlanta Reads Project. Library patrons and Borders shoppers selected a novel for the city to read and they happened to select Ferrol Sams' Run With the Horsemen. Dr. Sams...I call him Sambo...has been my doctor since I was a child and we're good friends, so I was delighted to be asked to take part. The event was at the downtown library and the discussion centered on race and education, which are major themes in the novel. We had a great turnout of students from Washington High School and the hour long discussion went on way past that.

Everyone has been grooving to the Sow Into You video by Roisin Murphy. Lots of comments and backchannel emails wanting to know more. A brief primer: Roisin (pronounced Rosheen) Murphy is an Irish girl, born in Dublin in 1973. She was one half of the band Moloko, which were huge in UK and Europe. The band mixed electronica with funk and jazz and Roisin has continued this on her solo album, Ruby Blue. She's a great dancer and her live performances are legendary. Since a couple of you have asked for more, check out this electro-jazz-funk workout of Dear Diary from the Lowlands Music Festival in the UK. violets are blue...


Some bizarre summer cold bug is going around the east coast. Everyone at my work has it, had it, or are lined up to get it.
Hope you had a weekend of R&R. xo.
Collin said…
Feeling better today - Monday - and back at work. Sigh.

I pretty much laid on the couch and watched movies all weekend. They were having a Hitchcock marathon thingy on one of my cable channels, so I watched "Marnie," "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and "Rear Window."
Anonymous said…
She is totally hot shit. Love the tamborine and the one long red glove!


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