OFF TO THE BIG APPLE: I'm taking a short break from running around like a chicken with my head cut off to make this post. I'm getting ready to leave for NYC tomorrow for my reading at Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village on Friday night (that's it in the pic at right...such a cool space). The Pink Pony West Series, hosted by the fabulous Jackie Sheeler, starts at 6 p.m. If you're coming, get there early. The room fills up fast. I'm heading up early because it was cheaper and I wanted a full day in Manhattan. I've already got my day planned: A little shopping in the morning, lunch in Central Park and then spending the afternoon at the Whitney Museum for the opening of the Picasso exhibition. I can't think of a better way to spend a day in NYC. I don't know if I'll get to blog while I'm there, so full report when I return.

Last night was the first Poetry At Tech reading of the 2006-07 season featuring Georgia poets Martin Lammon and my friends Tania Rochelle and Cherryl Floyd-Miller (at left). There was a great crowd for the reading, but I hate the location for these late afternoons. It's in a building on the campus behind the stadium. Hard to find, parking sucks, etc. Cherryl got lost as hell and was 45 minutes late arriving. I could see some of the Tech folks were sweating it a bit, but she walked in the door, up on stage and blew everybody's hair back. Her poems are melodic, dense and perfectly crafted. Lammon's work was very quiet and meditative and it seemed like it took him a bit to warm up, but the time he got to the poems about his father at the end, he was cooking. Tania, of course, is heartbreaking and hilarious. She read some new stuff from the manuscript Nude Bowling at the Good Time Boogie (which may be the best title for a poetry collection ever) and looked stunning. I wish I'd brought my camera. If some pics get posted anywhere, I'll put up a link. You must read Cherryl's account of getting lost at Tech on her way to the reading at her blog.

After the reading, we all went over to Tom Lux's place in Midtown for pizza and beer. He was very gracious and there was lots of laughing and talking, and Cherryl and I tried to behave ourselves. We almost speak in code now and she can say something completely obscure and I know exactly what she means. We were cutting up a little bit, but kept our cool. I was glad to see Ginger Murchison there, and she told us she just got accepted into the Warren Wilson MFA program. Mike Dockins was there and his first book is coming out early next year from Sage Hill Press. Karen Head (who I adore) was at the reading, and we're excited about our reading together at Callanwolde next month. There's so much going on. Poetry still has a least it does here in Atlanta.

Okay, gotta run pack my three ounce toiletries in a ziplock bag so airport security won't think I'm a terrorist.


Hope the reading goes well Collin. Have a time.
Clare said…
Have a great time in NYC Collin and don't forget to look out for that Naked Cowboy at Times Square ;).
shanna said…
damn, i just read this now, and it is 6:01 on friday. jackie and the pink pony series are awesome. (java monkey reminded me of it, when jen and i read there last year.)

have fun.
Robert said…
Have a blast, Collin. NYC is still (regrettably) somewhere I have never been...

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