THE THRILL AND THE HURTING: For most of the year, I have been quietly working with UK poet Kyla Fox on editing an anthology of poetry and art work inspired by the music of Kate Bush called The Thrill and The Hurting. It took much longer than we thought, and Kyla set up her own publishing imprint, Morning Fog Press, to get the anthology out there. I am happy to announce that the book will be published in the UK in late October. It will be a 60-page, perfect-bound book with full glossy cover (the mock up at right is pretty close to what the actual book will look like).

The initial print run is only 100 copies, and all proceeds will benefit the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), a charity chosen by Kate herself. We started taking advance orders via the Kate Bush Forum and received so many that it paid for printing costs! Now that's devotion and dedication. I will have a few copies to sell here in the US in November and will post information on ordering them here and at The cover price in the UK is 7 pounds, which will tranlate into $14. It's worth every penny. We have some lovely poetry and beautiful, whimsical and downright magnificent artwork (the latter courtesy of the great UK artist Debi Bowes, who creates portraits for HomeGround). We'll have a couple of readings from the book in the UK while I'm there in early November, which is exciting. More on this book very soon!


Jilly said…
that's awesome, collin
Anonymous said…
Beautiful cover. Are you in it?

32poems said…
I love Kate Bush's music. What an intriguing idea.
Collin said…
Hey Deborah,

Yes, the Kate Bush anthology has been a labor of love. The book is headed to the printer early next week, so we're almost there. Thanks for stopping by. It's always cool to hear from a fellow Kate fan. :)


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