ALL TOGETHER NOW...HELLO SPEAKER PELOSI: Poor Sean Hannity must be on the verge of cardiac arrest. For months he's been using the scare tactic of California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi becoming he first female Speaker of the House to stir up the conservatives. Sorry, Sean, it didn't work and pretty soon you'll be calling her Speaker Pelosi for real. HA! I bet Dubya was nearly in tears when he had to call her up and invite her for lunch at the White House. The Congress is now back in control of the Democrats and the big cherry on top is Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld's ouster as Secretary of Defense, despite Dubya saying last week that Rummy would stay until the bitter end. Dubya is now officially the lamest of ducks. Let's hope the Dems can get their shit together and start cleaning up the mess of the last seven years.

As I predicted yesterday, Georgia put more Republicans in office rather than run them out of town on a rail. This state is Bible belt to the end and there was no way the faggot, baby killin', anti-war, hippy liberals were going to win down here. Atlanta is a sea of sanity in the middle of this red state hell, but we don't hold enough votes to make any difference on a national level. That was one of the reasons I didn't vote...the other being I had no love for any of the candidates running for office. I could not, with good conscious, go and cast a ballot for someone I have no faith in. I won't vote just to say I did.

The new fall/winter edition of Atlanta Rainbow Muse is available. Some great work in their by Wayne Johns, Dr. Madelyn Hatter, Karen Garrabrant and Cleo Creech to name a few. Check it out!


adrynd said…
I hear ya! Coming from Texas, I'm out of the frying pan and into the fire.
"Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Taylor lost my support when he fell all over his lard ass to kiss up to the conservative whack jobs in the state over the summer in supporting a state constitutional ban on gay marriage."

Thank that Southern God for depends because I just pee'd.

I *heart* your frankness sugarbaby.
P.R. Hack said…
RE: Voting, I was so sick of the hateful, mudslinging commercials that I went in there and voted Libertarian with only one exception. I knew the Libs wouldn't win. I was making my little statement that some people did not want any of the back-stabbing assholes no matter what their party affiliation.
We don't want the world to think we're something between "HeeHaw" and "Deliverance," yet we elect officials who are either Boss Hogg from Carter Country or some duplicitous monster endorsed by all the Ted Haggard-like Bible thumpin', chippy humpin', oh don't get me started - now I need a Goody's powder and a stiff drink!
M. Shahin said…
Rummy, the Incompetent stepping down is the some of the best news I've heard since the Bush administration and that is a sad statement indeed.

Next in line should be the impeachment of Bush. This guy should be kicked out on the green lawn, and I don't know what we are waiting for.

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