CUT THE PARLOR TRICKS, MARY... You can read a new (and slightly dirty) interview with me on the de-lovely and delicious Montgomery Maxton blog. I love when the interviewer takes a minute to come up with fun questions, and MM definitely did that. I have fingers and legs crossed that his new poetry collection, This Beautiful Bizarre, will be out very soon. He's quite a talented fellow. The photo at right is a new self-portrait for the interview using one of the weird filters on my Mac at work. MM said it looks like I'm in a sandstorm.

I've been working on revisions of poetry I started writing while in London. One is about the earth being flat and another is about seeing a lock of Charlotte Bronte's hair in the Haworth museum. I let Harper see one of these and she wanted to know what I'd been smoking in the UK. Yes, it means I'm assuming a new voice for this set of poems (there's currently four), because I wanted to experiment and, as Harper put it, become "unconfessional" for a moment.

A Slice of Cherry Pie editor Ivy Alvarez sent over some of the recent praise/reviews for the anthology, which is nearly sold out. If you want a copy get over to The Private Press and snag one. You can also get the US version from Shanna Compton's Half Empty/Half Full Press.

"A Slice of Cherry Pie an intriguing and accomplished collection, not merely a put-together collage or even a mosaic in words, but a compilation complete and riveting."
—Patricia Prime, New Hope International Review

"A kick-ass piece of work. I loved every poem, I devoured the whole thing at once, I want everyone to read this, whether or not they are Twin Peaks fans."
—Jeannine Hall Gailey

"The poems range from very tiny to quite extensive, but all evoke the eerie quality of Lynch's series."
—Erik Donald France, Erik's Choice

And in other publishing news, The Thrill and The Hurting anthology is also almost sold out. Kyla told me there was less than 20 copies. If you want one, get over to Morning Fog Press and order yours pronto!


Peter said…
Fun interview. You guys are fabulous.
I'll have to link to MM.
Anonymous said…
You're terrible, Muriel. :)

M. Shahin said…
I love the photo; I need to take a picture like that :-)

I'm really interested in these new set of poems you are working on. I'm quite intrigued about the poem centered on a lock of Bronte's hair. Charlotte is actually one of my favorite writers; yeah I'm stuck in the past, but I think she is fabulous. Four voices sounds like quite a challenge, but I know you will pull it off quite well. Best wishes on the revisions.

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