I DIDN'T VOTE: Yep, that's right. I exercised my right not to cast a ballot in Georgia today because "waste of time" is the understatement of the year. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Taylor lost my support when he fell all over his lard ass to kiss up to the conservative whack jobs in the state over the summer in supporting a state constitutional ban on gay marriage. There's not a snowball's chance in hell he would beat incumbent Sonny Boy Perdue, who seemed to have spent most of his first four years making million dollar land deals to line his own pockets. He's a conservative, Christian right-wing mouthpiece...you can practically see the strings. Despite the Republican's implosion nationally, Georgia is a red state until death. Even if the Republicans had all been caught molesting children, they would have been forgiven their sins and sent back to Washington with Jesus on their side.

I'll be back at the polls in 2008 when it's time to get a Democrat president in the White House, although I'm still very concerned we're not going to have a strong enough candidate to win. There's been plenty of smoke about John Kerry running again...the worst case scenario of the century. He has a less chance of winning that Hillary Clinton, who I also think doesn't have a prayer. If John McCain runs, he'll win. It's hard to nail down his politics because he flip flops between being a moderate I might could live with and kissing the conservative ass. Sigh.

While I was in London, I missed the scandal of Christian nut Ted Haggard, a viperous opponent of gay marriage and leader of the New Life Church in Colorado, who was outed by a male prostitute who said they had an ongoing three-year affair. Ted also liked his meth, which means he probably loves to take it up the ass. You know, it's these self-righteous motherfuckers who use religion as a tool of persecution who always wind up to be the secret rope-smokers cheating on their wives.

Rock goddess Marianne Faithfull has made a full recovery from her cancer treatment and will resume her tour at the beginning of next year. Rock on, sister morphine!!! And Kylie Minogue, also recovered from breast cancer, will restart her tour this weekend in Australia. Glad to hear both these ladies are doing well.


M. Shahin said…
"who use religion as a tool of persecution"

You are so right about this Collin! Religion is being used by people for evil purposes.

I'm sick and tired of the whole political scene. Frankly, I don't see much difference between democrats and repubs. I want to see the democrats taking a hard stand, not skirting away from issues that matter to Americans.

The whole systems needs to be revised from the ground up, but is that going to happen? Not likely, but I'll take a democrat over a repub any day.
Anonymous said…
I was just reading about how Georgia is so out of step with the rest of the country that it put more Republicans in office. So glad I dont live there anymore. You really need to leave.

Kate Evans said…
Not voting is one way, and I understand what you're saying.

Another way is to vote for a very different choice, or write-in someone like Rosie O'Donnell.

Back in the 90's, because Clinton had signed in DOMA under cover of midnight, I didn't vote to re-elect him. I voted for the Socialist candidate instead.

ox K

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