On Saturday night (Nov. 4) we marked the one year anniversary of the release of Kate Bush's album Aerial and the release of The Thrill and The Hurting with a party at London's Yorkshire Grey Pub. There was a big crowd there with Kate playing over the stereo system and later on the big screen tv. It was so amazing to see so many friends again and just to be in London. My cold was pretty much in full bloom by Saturday, but I managed. The trip home yesterday was long and depressing. Flying back from London is always worse, and being a bit sick didn't help. Couldn't sleep, of course, and the movies they showed were crap, except for The Lady in the Water, which had been panned so badly I almost didn't bother. I wound up really liking it. Here is some photographic evidence of Saturday's party. Click to make the photos larger.

The Yorkshire Grey Pub in London

Me with my dear friend Donna

The cut ups Tina and Lisa while we were eating Thai food before the party

Kyla and I looking a bit goth (or maybe just drunk)

My friends Beth and Neil loving up on one another

John, who came all the way from Australia, with Peter

Andrea holding court with James and I

Kate being ignored (thanks to Lisa for this!)


BLUE said…
dearest: thought of you last eve as i think i caught an episode of Cold Case, which i've watched only about five times ever. well, one of the recurring melodies was Kate Bush's version of "This Woman's Work." just lovely! looks like you had a fab journey. we'll have to catch up bientot. light!
Nick said…
Looks like a good time was had by all! Welcome back.
jenni said…
I want to go! No fair! Looks like you had a blast. Welcome home.
The pub makes me very envious Collin. Thanks for the post.
M. Ru Pere said…
yes, thanks for the pics - but I didn't see a football (soccer) game going on the telly - what kind of pub was that? ;) Also the pub trivia machines over there had categories like Royal Spouses and Famous Puddings . . .
M. Shahin said…
I'm glad your back Collin. I hate being sick, so I hope you get well soon. Try boiling some grated ginger root in water for half an hour and adding some honey. It is really strong, spicy and excellent for a sore throat and congestion.

Wonderful photos, and thanks for sharing. I'm stuck at home most of the time, drowning in studies, so it is nice to escape vicariously in other's adventures.

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