PIECES OF APRIL...ERRR...COLLIN: So, for the first time since I moved out of my parents' house back in 1991, I had my folks over to my place for Thanksgiving. Yes, I cooked...part of it anyway. I kept flashing on Katie Holmes (pre-Tom, pre-zombie, pre-alien baby, pre-career in toilet) in the wonderful indie film Pieces of April, as she struggles to make Thanksgiving dinner in her New York City tenement for her disapproving, demanding parents. Not that my parents are disapproving or demanding (although my mother can give Patricia Clarkson's character a run for her money in the crazy department sometimes), but I did want to make it nice for them, especially since my father has been ill the last few years.

I started cooking last night (and had my dad on the phone asking questions about the squash casserole). I was also cleaning up, doing laundry, washing dishes and trying to make the place presentable. My parents had not seen this new apartment since I moved in August, so I wanted it to be "together," so even when my mother said it was too small, she would at least have to agree it was nice.

The dinner ultimately went fine, although the squash was lacking something (maybe not enough onion). We had a fantastic pot roast (my dad doesn't eat turkey) and their contribution was the cornbread dressing, which is so fabulous it could be a meal in itself. Corn, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, iced tea and chocolate cake rounded out the meal.

After dinner, I cleaned up and we sat around looking at photos from my trip to the UK earlier this month. Then, I took them on a drive around downtown...showing them places they hadn't seen in a while or places they've seen on the news...like the aquarium and Atlantic Station. We also went by Centennial Park to look at the lights. It was shocking how many people were out this evening (the aquarium was open with lines around the building) and traffic driving my parents back down to Fayetteville was murder both ways. It was like a regular rush hour. Traffic in Atlanta becomes more and more like LA everyday.

It was a good day. No arguing, little fuss. I am thankful for that. Now it's time for some leftovers. Burp.


M. Ru Pere said…
that's so weird - wed afternoon I was in the video store and Pieces of April was on and I remembered loving it, but - oh - my - God was I shocked to see that the really great lead punk-rock lower east side gurl was Katie fucking Holmes - now I have to re-assess my hardfast opinions of her - hate it when that happens - rented it, cried at the end and now I want the soundtrack cd - Stephen Merrits - off to wax n facts or Criminal stat
Lisa Allender said…
Dear Collin, Weeel, sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving...
I was out driving around with pal Danny this evening...the lights of downtown were indeed lovely....and hey! Congrats on the success in your kitchen!!
Anonymous said…

Glad to hear you had a good day!

take care,
Anonymous said…
sounds like you had a great thanksgiving, collin! delicious-sounding, too. thing is i just love hearing a man who cooks and cleans up after himself. hah!

i have to check out pieces of april. it sounds great.

BLUE said…
yay! cooking and peace and a good drive downtown in the same day. you lived well for thanksgiving this year, chipmunk.
Kate Evans said…
I can't believe that was Katie Holmes! I saw PIECES OF APRIL and loved it but never made the connection between Katie-as-April and Katie-as-May-December-lover-to-cult-head-crazy-eyed-couch-jumper.

ox k
Anonymous said…
Tom will probably never let her work again or let her out of the house. She might wise up and leave.

Glad you had a good thanksgiving.


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