CONQUERING VENUS - AN EXCERPT: Only a few people have ever read my novel Conquering Venus. This is the novel that landed me a top New York literary agent back in 2001, but since the story hinges on terrorism and gay boys in love, not a single publisher would touch it. My agent described it as one of the worst cases of bad timing she'd ever seen. She fought to find this book a home for more than a year, and I really do appreciate it. My agent loved this book and believed it would find an audience. Here we are five years later, and I'm still searching for that audience.

So, without much explanation, here is the first half of Chapter 2, which introduces one of the main characters, Irenne Laureux. This is fairly self-contained, so I won't set it up. The formatting might look a little weird (blame Blogger), but I really would appreciate any and all feedback...even from you lurkers. I'll leave it up for a week, then it's coming down.

Thanks to everyone who read the excerpt and commented here, as well as the dozen back-channel emails I received. All were appreciated.


Lisa Allender said…
Collin, You MUST let me read the REST of the story!
I found your agoraphobic lead very intriguing.
As I neared the end of the excerpt, I found myself asking the following questions:
What was the PRECISE moment when she manifested symptoms of this?
What will it take for her to "conquer" this fear?
Is it possible SHE is guilty of some unpardonable thing--and not only a victim of such?

Hope this helps...
Collin said…
Thanks for reading and commenting, Lisa. I'll answer questions at the end of the week after more folks have read it and comment. Don't want to give anything away, but your question about Irenne doing something "unpardonable" is very perceptive.
Anonymous said…
I like it. It moves quickly and you get a good freel for the character and her surroundings. Send me the rest.

jenni said…
Great chacterization. Dialogue is believable. Narration doesn't feel expository. Just the right amount of detail to make the setting come to life but still allow the reader to use their imagination.
i've seen this somewhere before ;)
Yes, I agree with others; I very much want to know more of the story. Also I found myself concerned about the poor woman - how does she get enough exercise? Does she go up and down those stairs especially for that purpose? I guess you have made her real if readers of even this much are worrying and speculating about her!
Peter said…
It's really crisp writing Collin.
Hope you get the book taken soon.
Happy New Year!

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