In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Swallow more, spit less.

Get your resolution here.

Ummm...someone's going to be having a good 2007 at my expense if the above resolution is correct. Click the link and get your own.

Happy New Year to everyone's who stopped to read the blog and taken time to post...even you lurkers out there.


C. Dale said…
Happy New Year!
M. Ru Pere said…
Happy New Year, Collin and all fellow commenters -xo
Cindy Lou Whoo said…
yours is dirty;-)
you were a high point in 06'
i love your energy and spirit.
i am hoping to have some of your many lovely qualities rubb off on me in the new year. this las day leaves me dealing with the blues. if i can get over myself i may see you at java. i'm supposed to go to an effigy party tonight but rain + fire = lots of smoke.
Happy New Year Collin Kelley
I am honored to be your friend!
Anonymous said…
Funny but really nasty. Having your stomach pumped isnt fun. Careful.

Happy new year
A great and wonderful 2007 to you Collin.
Jilly said…
Happy New Year :)

I got:

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Make as many people hate me as I possibly can.

Peter said…
Mine was "Stop dating musicians." Go figure!
Happy New Year.
A. Lurker said…
Thank you, Collin.
Collin said…
No, thank you, A. Lurker. But if you think I'm going to swallow...

jenni said…
lol. Mine was hilarious.

Yours is too.
Nick said…
Mine was "In the year 2007 I resolve to: Start a cult." - Done that been there! Oh well best wishes for the new year!

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