Losing You - Dusty Springfield

This is Dusty in 1964 on Ready, Steady, Go in the UK. She's mobbed by fans and obviously lip-synching but everyone's having a good time. An absolute classic.


M. Ru Pere said…
omg, are you sure that's not Bowie in his Ziggy phase? lol -that mascara is, ahem, unfortunate, but I'm a big Dusty fam, esp I Only Want To Be With You - great, great wall of sound production on that one
Collin said…
Well, it is 60's Britain. I thought she looked rather conservative myself. I doubt Bowie would ever wear a frock like that. lol
Anonymous said…
I looked her up on YouTube and she turned into a straight up dude later on in life. She looks like a drag queen in some of her videos. Great voice though.

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