This is rare footage from a UK documentary of Anne Sexton reading her work, intercut with home movies and photos. I had never seen Sexton perform, so this is quite surreal and amazing. If I had a time machine, the first place I would go is a Sexton reading. You Tube is truly the best thing since sliced bread.


she reads her work well. er, read. whatever. (dead in a cougar)
Loved it. As you know, Anne was my first muse and gave me courage to write about various personal topics.... fucking love her.

That look she gives to the camera at the end of the clip, divine.

I so would have done Anne! ;-P
Anonymous said…
You can tell she is totally crazy but that makes her so much hotter. I bet her readings were off the chain. I read she would show up drunk, smoke a lot and tell people to leave if they didnt like it. Poetry readings are so tame these days.

Anonymous said…
Ivy said…
nolapoet said…
So. Damn. Good.

The first "real" poetry book my mom gave me was _The Collected Works of Anne Sexton_. I was 12. It blew my mind. She had an edge to her that Plath and Berryman did not.
nolapoet said…
Oh! And then there was her band, Her Kind!

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