POST AWP REPORT: While most of the AWP folks were either recovering from their hangovers or heading home yesterday, I was attending the last AWP off-site event -- the reading at Java Monkey Speaks by Ann Fisher-Wirth and Mark Turcotte. Of course, I slept until noon on Sunday, then moved to the couch, but I managed to get my shit together in the afternoon, work on a new poem and join JMS host Kodac Harrison and Ann for dinner at Mick's in Decatur.

There was a packed audience at JMS and both Ann and Mark gave brilliant readings. Mark's poems about growing up on a reservation and how his Native American ancestry continues to shape his life was great stuff. Ann's poems about her parents -- especially about her father coming home from WWII -- are so haunting. Rupert Fike read his brilliant Faulkner, Jung and the 60 Cycle Hum, which I've heard dozens of times, but always love hearing again. I also read my new-ish poem Barney Rubble Saves Our Lives, which is one of my favorites to perform.

Speaking of reading aloud, this coming Saturday, March 10, I'm doing a feature set at the venerable Academy Theatre here in the ATL. They are doing a new "Late Night" series that starts at 10:30 p.m. and features a poet, musician and theatre piece. I'll be reading all new work from Wake and maybe one or two of the "greatest hits." I haven't read many of the poems in the collection-in-progress to an audience, so this will be an experiment. I hope you can all come out and listen. Admission is $8 and there will be beer and wine in the lobby.

Also speaking of readings, you'll notice a little more blog maintenance and upgrading on the left. I'm now listing and linking all my upcoming readings through the spring. Check 'em out, and come and see me.

I am totally digging Tracey Thorn's (the vocalist for Everything But the Girl) new tune, It's All True, from her forthcoming album, Out of the Woods. The video is clever as hell. Watch, listen, enjoy.


jenni said…
Sounds like you had a great time! I'm all amped up for Idol tonight. How bad can it get?!
Anonymous said…
The video is cool i guess but i really like the song. I heard some remixes that are also cool. She has the most chill voice.


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