Weekend Music - Barbara Mandrell

In response to Tania and Jennifer's schlock selections of music, may I present Barbara Mandrell's fabulous "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right."


M. Ru Pere said…
now, ahem, when you say, "fabulous" that's um, heavy on the irony cum camp, right? So bad it's good . . . which is the way I think of Judy garland (insight into the mind of a SWM here) not really that much diff between her and Ethel Merman (ouch) in my book
Anonymous said…
Cum Camp? Sign me up!

Ive never heard this song before in my life. Its cheesey goodness will give the shits if I keep listening.

ok. so it this day in time it probably seems lame, but it hit the number spot in the country charts in 1979... the original R&B version of the song didn't do so bad either.....

I like it.

Collin said…
Don't get me wrong -- I love this song. This is good schlock. I still have the 45 rpm I bought back in 1979. Growing up in Fayetteville, there wasn't a music store until the late 1980s. You had to drive half an hour or more to the mall to Record Bar or Turtles (woah...I am really dating myself with those references). Someone opened an indie store in Peachtree City and I remember my mother driving me out there to try and find that 45. I think the store lasted less than a year.
rae said…
Barbara just gave me chills - she is extremely controlled in her voice and in her presentation - a great dichotomy here between the song and how she sings it. And wow, I'm kind of shocked that someone hasn't ever heard this song before, I remember it being played on the radio as a little girl, often. Thanks for posting this, Collin.

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