The Last Shout: Sanjaya Malakar

The rest of the season is going to be soooooo boring without him.

Let's give 'em something to talk about...other than hair...


Rupert said…
i'm sorta guessing we haven't heard the last from M. Sanjaya, but, one has to wonder if he might have been better off in the long run without Am Idol - fame is like flypaper - I said that :)
Anonymous said…
Awwwwwwww poor little Sanjaya. Thanks for posting this. I hope he becomes a huge star or gets a tv show or something.

Kate Evans said…
When he cried, it reminded me of the fact that he's a boy, a child, a young man.

He held his head high the whole time. That's admirable.
Hey Collin, can we get a poet's pool going:

I say next two out will be Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis (in any order).

Final two: Phil Stacey and Jordin Sparks.

BAM she throws down!
Collin said…
Phil and Jordin? You got that half right. It's gonna be Jordin and Melinda in the final two.

I say Chris or Phil is going home next week, followed by Lakisha and Blake.

Let's see how it goes down.:)
Anne said…
Lakisha or Blake will go home next week. They're overdue for a "shocker."

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