Weekend Music: Roxy Music - More Than This

This is for you Gav because I know how much you love this movie and for our own "lost in translation" moment that last night in LA.

I'm trying to organize a prison break. First we'd have to get out of the hotel, then out of the city and then out of the country. Are you in?


Anonymous said…
Im most absolutely definitely in.

michi said…
hearing bill murray sing this woooonderful song alone is worth the price of admission.

and have you tried it? it's bloody difficult to sing ... but - i do, anyway. though i guess hearing me would not be worth even half the price of a movie ticket. :))
Collin said…
It is tough to sing, but I've been doing it all weekend. It's a fabulous song...one of the best.
Anonymous said…
I watched Lost in Translation last night. It really might be my favorite movie.


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