7-7-07: This is supposedly the luckiest day of the millennium. I guess I should go buy a lottery ticket. Couldn't hurt...right?

I'm watching some of the Live Earth coverage on Bravo, which is showing highlights, and Sundance Channel, which is covering all 22 hours live. How exhausting. Tonight will be the big recap show on NBC where they show Madonna, The Police, Beastie Boys, et al. The concerts are a great way to raise awareness about global warming. Do any of you "live green?" I've started recycling all my plastics, newspapers and magazines. I also try to conserve electricity and water usage at my place, not only for the environment but for my wallet. I would love to be able to get rid of my car, but Atlanta is not public transportation friendly. When I finally get to London, I'll will happily give up my car. I hate driving.

This is also the second anniversary of the July 7 suicide bombings in London that killed 52 people on the Underground and a packed bus. Blog reader Bob Farrell emailed me yesterday after reading my post from last year and asked if I would post the link to his flickr site, where he is creating an online tribute to those who died that day, including his cousin Jonathan Downey who was at Edgware Road tube station. It's my pleasure, Bob. Take a moment to visit the site and see the beautiful photos folks have sent in.


i dont live green much. i keep my air on 24/7.

my julia roberts just got here. photos to post soon. im not kidding you.
Anonymous said…
i've been watching all day waiting to see Madonna. Im switching back and forth between Bravo and Sundance and still haven't seen her. Ive seen Duran Duran six times. How old do they look now.

michi said…
i watched the whole thing on msn yesterday. *phew*

(gav - duran duran actually look better and fitter than a few years ago, i find. and of course i used to have a huge crush on john taylor, a long time ago.)

i think europe (maybe with the exception of some eastern european countries) is WAY ahead of the usa when it comes to living green, or even awareness.

as for me, i turn off lights when i leave a room. i try not to keep water running too long. i recycle paper, and plastic (or try to avoid too much plastic where i can). i always re-use letters, spare copies of texts and worksheets, etc for printing out poems and such on the other side. (i take tons of paper home with me from work for that reason.) we don't have much a/c here, so that is not an issue. i don't have a car (don't need one in vienna). i used to leave the tv and computer on standby a lot, but have stopped doing that. i have started replacing common light bulbs with low energy light bulbs. but i am sure i could still do more.

of course it's important and helps what each of us does, but it wouldn't hurt if certain governments or companies would open their eyes as well ...


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