LETTERS...I GET REJECTION LETTERS... I got the first official rejection letter for Wake in yesterday's mail. Actually, it wasn't a rejection, but notification that I didn't win the Autumn House Press competition. Miriam Levine of Arlington, Mass. won for her manuscript Eyes Wide Open. Mark Doty, the final judge, remarked on the unusually high quality of of the submissions, of which there were 756. Like I said before, you have better odds playing the lottery. I've still got the book out at two open readings and two contests, with more to come. There goes my bank account.

I'm at home relaxing from a very sociable weekend. I went out with a friend to dinner on Friday night, went to a birthday party at a gay strip club last night (the dancers were all straight, white frat boys with a couple of black guys thrown in working that faux thug look...yawn), and today I went with my friend Joy to dinner and to see The Bourne Ultimatum. It totally rocked. Non-stop action -- and Matt Damon -- for nearly two hours.


Anonymous said…
Keep sending it out. Someone is going to publish it soon. I have a good feeling.

Dustin said…
I might have to be a big spender and venture to the theater for THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. The previews catch my attention... and Matt is a cutie.

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