THEY'RE SELLING JESUS AGAIN: The Catholic terrorists are up in arms over Kathy Griffin's Emmy acceptance speech for her show My Life on the D-List. What a shock. Seems everyone got the joke, but them. Apparently, the Catholics own Jesus, so all you other religions better find a new deity. Maybe Peter or Paul or John the Baptist. The Catholics will soon be trademarking Jesus, which seems hypocritical since he's a second class citizen behind Mary. The Catholics haven't been in the news lately since they've either paid off or hushed up all the little boys systematically raped by their priests and The DaVinci Code hysteria has passed. Luckily, Kathy Griffin -- a Catholic, by the way, although lapsed -- has come along just in time for the Catholic terrorists to get up on their high horse and ride it to every media outlet that will broadcast their righteous indignation.

Here's what Kathy said in her speech: A lot of people get up here and thank Jesus for helping them win this award, but I have to say nobody has been less helpful in getting me to this moment than Jesus. I don't know what I ever did to him, I just think he doesn't like me that much, and if he had his way, Caesar Milan would be holding this statue right now, but he's not and I am! So I guess all I can really say is, 'Suck it, Jesus! This statue is my God now!'

Are you offended? If so, get over yourself. Unlike Isaiah Washington and Michael Richards, Kathy Griffin was lampooning all the celebrities and sports stars who get up and make such a big production number over thanking God for letting them win, as if the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were playing favorites. Everytime some actor gets up and goes into that routine, I roll my eyes and they lose a little luster. Kathy is absolutely right -- Jesus has nothing to do with winning some award.

Freedom of speech and self-expression is under serious threat these days, folks. There's a big, big difference between someone using racist remarks and a comedian giving social commentary and lampooning the ridiculousness of celebrity culture. Kathy Griffin's remark would have been lost in the soundbite clutter if it weren't for a vocal minority of religious whackjobs trying to get some facetime on CNN and Fox to dictate the moral agenda. And the real upshot here is that Kathy never even mentioned Catholics, but because they think they own Jesus, they have to start flapping their gums. Catholic League President Bill Donohoe can suck it...suck it big time. He's right up there with the Pope when it comes to being a backwards, hypocritical, whackjob. Clean up your "organized" religion, Bill, catch up the 21st century and before you start calling Kathy Griffin's comments "hate speech," think about all those times you've issued your homophobic, anti-women invectives and then suck it some more, you sanctimonious asshat. And you can take that all the way to the Vatican.

So the Catholic terrorists have spoken and the Emmy's have agreed to edit Kathy's acceptance speech during the primetime telecast this weekend. Freedom of Speech takes another blow, courtesy of a bunch of religious zealots. Islamic terrorists, Christian terrorists, they're all the same. A minority of crazies who are allowed to do all the talking, get all the publicity and "represent" the religion. Come on, folks. It's your religion, too. Shut these nutjobs down...tell them to suck it. Jesus would approve.


love this post
Brent Goodman said…
She's f*ing brilliant. The whole premise of her award winning show is she'll do anything to get some press to advance her career. This is the woman who feined a drunken collapse out of a cab to make front page coverage in the british tabloids. She definitely scored on this one. Can't wait to watch the episode that covers her emmy.
Anonymous said…
Asshat!!!!!!!!!! This may be your best rant ever. Kathy is fabulous and those Catholics who are pissed off need to shut their pieholes. Talk about hypocrits.

Peter said…
I'm a Catholic (or at least I used to be). And I thought what KG said was damn funny. And true!

PS: She plays in Seattle this November. Three sold out shows at the Paramount. Dean and I and some friends are going. can hardly wait to see her live show.
Knew nothing of this woman before (not living in USA) but I like her already!

Personally I think the Catholics and others can all relax - the Deity has broad enough shoulders and sufficient understanding to cope with a bit of bad press and a few gratuitous insults now and again. Oh, and that dude Jesus probably wouldn't worry too much about it either. He sounds to have been a decent sort of a bloke.
Dustin said…
Damn. I can't believe the Emmy's are going to edit her speech-- fucking lame. Kathy's my #1 Diva.... well, #2-- I don't want Dolly to become jealous.
Collin said…
Peter, her live show is amazing. Saw her last year in Atlanta and she was hilarious.
KG rocks. I'm Catholic (I still semi-practice, believe it or not!) and that's just plain funny. She's right on too, because you know half (or more) of those people thanking Jesus don't give Jesus thought one the rest of the time. Besides, I agree: The Christ Child is having a nice laugh.
Anonymous said…
A typical liberal/atheist response that paints with a broad brush.
Anonymous said…
Collin: Your post is exactly as bigoted, ideologically-blinkered, and hateful as any nonsense ever extruded by any pope. Two sides of the same ugly coin.
Collin said…
To the Anonymous wussies who don't have the nerve to use their name - do you self-identify as right wing nutjobs? Or is that too obvious a question? Anyone who subscribes to a religion that devalues other lives is the one wearing blinkers.
Anonymous said…
"Anyone who subscribes to a religion that devalues other lives is the one wearing blinkers."

Mother Theresa, for example, that notorious devaluer of other lives?

The recent publication of Theresa's letters, of course, illustrates the fact that not everyone who "subscribes to a religion" is monolithically the same, in lock-step with the received ideology.

On the other hand, you do,indeed, claim to believe that anyone who believes is the same as anyone else, automatically "wearing blinkers" without any need to take the vast diversity of human gradation into account.

In what possible sense is that not bigotry?

Thank you for so forcefully making my point about your ideological narrow-mindedness.
Collin said…
^Stop being such a coward and sign your name. You seem to have plenty to say, but lack the balls to own up to it.

Obviously, you didn't read my post. You cherry-picked the parts that pissed you off and ignored the rest. Typical. Let me remind you of this statement from the post:

A minority of crazies who are allowed to do all the talking, get all the publicity and "represent" the religion. Come on, folks. It's your religion, too. Shut these nutjobs down...

If you're fine with letting a bunch of hate-filled zealots speak up for your beliefs, that's your business, but don't get your panties in a wad when someone calls you on it. Or maybe you're one of the zealots.

If you want to respond to this, sign your name next time or I'll delete it. Put your name where your mouth is or shut up.
Rachel Mallino said…
Collin, I agree with you re: free speech and how it's in danger. But, I also believe that we need to extend that concern beyond Kathy and to everyone else, even Micahel Richards and Imus and whoever else. I can turn off my TV just as easy as I turned it on. I don't think it's the Catholics who got Kathy's speech banned, I think it's the uber-liberal dems who got her banned. We've gone too far.
Pamela said…
I'm a Christian--the one of the ilk who believe in Jesus, not in Religion--and I think KG is hilarious. I don't think free speech should be banned, even if it is that of the reactionary "whited selpulchre" kind. (In the NT, they seem to be the only folks who ever tick Jesus off). Let's blame the networks who cave in to pressure, as well, and pressure them back. I think Rachel's points are true. Thanks for making me think.
Collin said…
Rachel and both have good points that I didn't explore in the post. I am especially pissed at E! channel, because they are the ones airing the creative arts portion of the show. They don't like Kathy anyway, which she documented in her show, so they probably happily caved in to pressure from the religious crazies. However, you have to remember who is televising the Emmys this year: Fox. We all know how Fox leans -- toward the right. I wonder if any other network would have caved? I guess we'll never know.
Lisa Allender said…
I love Kathy Griffin...I DO think she's just hilarious the way she can satirize EVERYthing, and EVERYone, so yes--I support her Jesus comment in full...btw, the "Catholics" who came out against this(I'm sure they felt "justified" because they know KG was a "cradle Catholic", so they must feel she's "fair game"), these guys are the MOST conservative ones--that Donohoe guy is with, um, The Catholic League, I believe it's called--ULTRA conservative(most Catholics in the US are NOT affiliated with that gang, btw)...
Many Catholics(like me!) hold Peace & Social Justice as the most important goals for Christians--and these are LIBERAL causes...
I do agree that free speech is being "hit" from both sides, as this exchange of opinion in your Blog, Collin, points out: the uber-right-wing-Religious- Nazis--who want to censor everyone, because they want control, and the Liberal, super-politically-correct, who jump on ANYthing, for fear it will "offend" someone...and yeah, Coll, if it's being broadcast on FOX, I kinda think that's the reason--the real reason KG's speech is being edited--it's on FOX!
b a j salchert said…
I had never heard of Kathy Griffin
until I came here today, but I am
not here because of her or anyone
else other than Jesus Himself
and human attitudes. Religions,
to me, are only as good as their
most humane tenets. Here are two
Gospel stories:
1) Jesus enjoined his disciples to
not only love themselves and their
friends, but also to love their
enemies/ precisely because it is
more difficult to do the latter
and is therefore more pleasing to
His Father in heaven.
2) The night they came to arrest
Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane,
Jesus performed a miracle. He
healed the severed ear of a
servant who was in the crowd of
those against him.
from one who fails and fails and
fails, and yet believes, and is
ever grateful

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