ALMOST SOLD OUT: We're ready to call Slow To Burn a sell out. With only 15 copies remaining, the final books will be available at the Poetry At Tech reading here in Atlanta on Dec. 6. There might be a few copies floating out there in bookstores, which could be returned to MetroMania Press, so if you haven't purchased a copy please inquire with the press or send me an email. I'll have hard numbers on what's left mid-December. I've been asked if there will be a reprint, but since this was a limited edition of 300 signed and numbered copies, a reprint would take the "specialness" out of it I think.

I wanted to thank MetroMania's fearless leader Tanya Keyser for making my first relationship with an indie publisher so incredible. She believed in the chapbook and took such care to make sure the book was beautiful. She went the extra step to help promote the chapbook and managed the onslaught of orders both domestic and international. Thanks to everyone who came out over the past year and six months for readings and picked up a copy of Slow To Burn.

Wake is still out and about at publishers and contests, so fingers and toes remained cross. Only four of the poems from Slow To Burn made it into the new manuscript, so it could be years before the rest resurface in another manuscript. I can only pray that one day when I'm old and drooling on myself that a "collected works" might be published. Hell, I might be dead by then. Who can say?


Lisa Allender said…
I was at your "Slow To Burn" book release, so many months ago(over a year ago?), at the mc gallery intown.I bought three copies--one for me, two as gifts--and the folks I gave them to--my Mom-- Demetra, and pal Jeaane, LOVE this chapbook!!
Maybe you can do a second-printing, because I'm certain they'll disappear at the Tech Reading!
Collin said…
We've kinda decided against a reprint because this was a limited edition of just 300 copies, all signed and numbered. I'm going to make a note of that in the post. :-)
Anonymous said…
congrats :)
DeadMule said…
I know how you feel about the manuscript. I've had three rejections for Prayer in the Fog. And I'm older than you. LOL Can I still get a copy of Slow To Burn from you? Email me. Helen Losse (private or at the Mule, whichever you haver).

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