The BBC filmed a special mini episode of Doctor Who for their annual Children In Need charity appeal. In this 8 minute scene, David Tennant, the tenth Doctor, hilariously meets his former incarnation, Peter Davison's fifth Doctor. I was in total fanboy geek mode watching this last night. Tom Baker and Peter Davison were the Doctors I watched in the 80s as a kid, so seeing Davison again brought back many memories. As Tennant so touchingly says in the scene, "You were my Doctor."


RJGibson said…
Collin: Thanks for posting this! I was bummed that I wouldn't be able to see this Children in Need special. PD was the first Doctor I really saw on American tv as a young'un.

I really want to get the bit torrent of the new xmas special with Kylie.
It's going to be like the perfect storm synthesis of gay.
Collin said…
Glad you enjoye it!

I expect BBC will do a sweep tomorrow and remove this usually takes them a day or two.

The Xmas special will also be on YouTube the same day it airs, but won't last long. BBC is really cracking down. I've managed to see every episode of the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures just ahead of a BBC sweep. Hope it makes it to DVD soon.

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