IN MEMORIAM: Robert Burch, 1925-2007

Acclaimed children's author Robert Burch passed away on Christmas Day. One of my fondest memories at Hood Avenue Elementary School was when Mr. Burch (I didn't start calling him Robert until my 30s) would come to the library and read from his Ida Early series of books, or Queenie Peavy or Skinny. He was a native of Fayette County, Georgia, but travelled around the world. I remember going over to his house one day and he regaled me with stories of working his way to Europe and beyond on a freighter ship. Robert was a fixture on the community literary scene and in the last few years, I often shared the stage with him. He was an absolute gentleman, a brilliant writer and a good friend. He will be missed.


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about your friend. I remember they made a tv movie out of Ida Early and had Jackee from 227 in it.


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