AMERICAN IDOL 7 SCANDAL? It looks like this year's show is going to be overshadowed by what many are calling "plants" in the Top 24. In past seasons, many of the contestants were struggling to make it in the music biz, had been in bands or even worked as back-up singers to major stars. However, this season it seems a little too packed with ringers. It figures that two of my early favorites -- Carly Smithson and David Archuleta -- have been singled out as being the most suspicious. 

Smithson was signed to MCA Records, which spent millions on her debut album that tanked in 2001. Making it even worse: Idol judge Randy Jackson was employed by MCA at the time, so wouldn't he remember her? David Archuleta won the kid's version of Star Search five or six years ago (second runner up was Alexandrea Lushington, who's also in the Top 24 -- go figure) and has made appearances on many TV shows, including Jenny Jones and The Early Show on CBS. 

And there's more: Syesha Mercado has appeared in Ford commercials, and it stinks to high heaven that Ford is one of the main sponsors of the show. She was also on the AI rip-off show, The One, on ABC that was cancelled after two episodes a few years ago. Michael Lee Johns was in two different bands and had inked a deal with Madonna's Maverick Records and Kristy Lee Cook had a deal with RCA Records. Robbie Carrico, who we've seen very little of so far, was in a band called Boys and Girls United that opened for Britney and NSYNC -- and rumor has it he dated Brit Brit for a bit, too. Jason Yeager was apparently on MTV's Making the Band at some point.

While it doesn't sound completely on the up and up, the AI team said all of these guys and gals are eligible because they don't have current recording contracts. Yeah, but still...

I'll be showing no mercy to any of them. The review of the boys performances will be posted later tonight.


Radish King said…
My siblings and I often refer to our mother as Mrs. Lushington.
Anonymous said…
I cant wait to see that little gay Danny boy camp it up tonight. I wonder if the bad publicity for Carly and David will get them voted off early?


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