AMERICAN IDOL 7 - TOP 12 REVEALED: BFF and blog commenter Gav sent me an email to tell me that my review of the girls last night was featured on Entertainment Weekly's TVFan page. Sure enough, it's there right now. Here's the link. Don't know how long it will remain as the featured recap, but I was tickled to see it posted. 

I have to admit this hour's tedium was mitigated by a friend calling to talk about poetry. He called right after King Douche himself, Blake Lewis, sang his boring ass song How Many Words (more like How Many Turds), while moonwalking and beatboxing all over the stage. When I hung up, Kady Malloy was being shown the door and her re-sing of Who Wants To Live Forever was worse than last night. After the commercial they came back and sent Luke Menard home at last. I could almost hear his cruise ship departing as he re-sang Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. I have to admit that Asia'h Epperson going home instead of Kristy Lee Cook was a bit of a shocker, but not huge. The final cast-off was, as expected, Miss Danny Noriega. I'll admit I voted for him three times on Tuesday. Like Sanjaya, he brought a bit of much-needed entertainment value to the show and, besides, I like a sassy queen. So that leaves us with:

David "Terminator" Archuleta
David "Douche" Cook
Jason "Miss Lilith Fair" Castro
David "Gay Stripper" Hernandez
Chikezie "Jacuzzi" Eze
Michael "Not Hutchence" Johns
Carly "Failed Record Deal" Smithson
Ramiele "Devoid of Emotion" Malubay
Brooke "Carly Simon" White
Amanda "Bride of Frankenstein" Overmyer
Syesha "Second Rate Whitney" Mercado
Kristy Lee "Going Home Next Week" Cook

Next week, the show will be on two nights a week instead of three, which means one less post. I'm more than okay with that. Gaycrest said there will be another Idol Gives Back fundraiser and that the Top 12 would sing the songs of The Beatles. I guess Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney need that dough.


Lisa Allender said…
I haven't been tuning in on a regular basis, as I gets my fix of AI by readin' your blog, Coll!
And COBGRATS on the EW spot!
That's sooo cool!
jenni said…
So sad Danny left . . . cry! That snot Kady on the other hand--good riddence.
Anne said…
I'm gonna miss Danny, dang it.

I don't usually read the Television Without Pity forums, but I was poking through there just now. Someone said they'd heard from someone who went to school with Danny that his family will totally hurt anyone who messes with him. Which led someone else to suggest a new TV show in which a Mafia-type family has a total flaming homosexual son and instead of being embarrassed by him they hurt anyone who tries to mess with him. Starring, of course, Danny. And Ramiele as his BFF. How fun would that be? I'd watch. Hell, if it were on Showtime I'd pay for Showtime so I could watch. :)
bookfraud said…
i was actually reading this with a straight (no pun intended) face until i got to the "cruise ship" line. great. now my co-workers think i'm a laughing freak.

"failed record deal"? "going home next week"? these are your nicknames? you are a wicked one, collin, truly wicked. in a wonderful way, of course.

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