AMERICAN IDOL 7 - TOP 8 GIRLS PERFORM: Unlike the boys, the girls have been fairly scandal free -- that is if you ignore failed recording contracts and Amanda "Bride of Frankenstein" Overmyer's DUI arrest. Other than Carly Smithson, the girls bore the shit out of me. Although Amanda did surprise me. It was 80s night again, and the show was overshadowed by Paula "Miss Pills" Abdul's self-indulgent, incoherent ramblings. She must have been hooked up to a Vicodin drip under the table.

Asia'h Epperson: Second-rate Whitney. That's what Simon called her performance of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, which Randy couldn't help but mention he recorded with the Mistress of Crack  back in the 1980s. I thought she sounded okay,  but Randy and Paula were gushing over it. Still, good enough for the Top 12.

Kady Malloy: Pack your bags, honey, because you're going home tomorrow night. Selecting Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever was a big mistake. It's not a very melodic song and she was either moaning or screaming it. Why do these kids always pick songs that require big voices and personalities (like Freddie Mercury and Whitney) and think they can do it better? Simon said she was like a robot -- a Stepford Wife -- and was definitely in trouble. 

Amanda Overmyer: She wisely toned down her look this week and nailed Joan Jett's I Hate Myself For Loving You. But why did she look like she was in absolute hell when the judge's were praising her? Even Simon said she was fantastic and it was one of the best performances by a girl all season (a bit of a stretch). She secured a spot in the Top 12, but she looked like she'd rather be at a bar. I'm just sayin'...

Carly Smithson: She chose Roy Orbison's I Drove All Night, which Cyndi Lauper made her own in the late 80s. Carly started off rough, but by the end she was hitting those big notes. I loved it, as did Randy and Paula was babbling, bobbing and weaving all over the place. Simon didn't like it and bemoaned her song choices. She's in the Top 12. Deal with it.

Kristy Lee Cook: She did a countrified version of Journey's yawner, Faithfully. Why the hell couldn't she pick something more upbeat like Girl Can't Help It? It was a pageant performance. She should be going home. And, yes, Randy we know you used to be in Journey. Let it go.

Ramiele Malubay: I only like two Phil Collins songs, and Ramiele decided to sing one of them -- Against All Odds. It was tragic. That's a really beautiful song and her voice wasn't so bad, but it was just rote and passionless, despite Gaycrest trying to get her to admit it was inspired by some ill-fated love. Puh-lease! And why was Miss Danny wearing her big ugly glasses? He probably wears Ramilie's clothes, too. The other Phil Collins song I love is Separate Lives, the duet with Marilyn Martin from White Knights. You know you love it. Gregory Hines and Helen Mirren in the same movie?! Woot!

Brooke White: Apparently, Brooke and the judges have never seen Pat Benatar live. They were making like her acoustic cover of Love Is A Battlefield was something new. Ummm...Pat has been doing this in concert for years. Brooke did a good job with it, sitting on the edge of the stage and looking more and more like Carly Simon. Good enough for the Top 12.

Syesha Mercado: Another second-rate Whitney performance, this time it was Saving All My Love for You. Since they were running late on time, the judges said she was "good," "good" and "predictable, but good." I wonder if Syesha thought those satin hooker shorts would get her some more votes? The stylist really should be shot. 

It's hard to tell who'll be going home with Kady Malloy. I'm guessing Ramilie Malubay or Kristy Lee Cook. Results tomorrow night in an hour long show that will seem like eternity since Blake Lewis' smug ass will be performing one of his flop songs. Ugh!


I love Amanda! I'm not surprised to read DUI... she's a rehab Perez Hilton star waiting to happen.

I was going to call you during her performance and just scream with joy, but I figured you were probably busy taking notes.
Collin said…
Honey, you know you can call anytime. Amanda really made a big comeback. I was pleased.
Anonymous said…
The stylist must have some kind of discount with whoever makes all those ugly high waisted sailor pants the girls were wearing last night. My prediction -- Kady for sure and Kristy Lee.

C. Dale said…
Kady is definitely going home. She was flat most of the time and just looked pained. Awful. The other woman going home will be a surprise, methinks.
Rupert said…
I've noticed that some poetry contests have fine print saying something like: "In any given year if the judges deem there is not a deserving manuscript, the blah-blah prize will not be awarded."
. . . might be one of those years for AI from what I've seen
Gawd, those high-waisted pants. Brought back high school nightmares.

I'm in LOVE with Amanda and her Adams Family attitude. She's not a smiling all over the place cutie; she's hard ass. Her voice was freaking hot. She was the highlight of the night.
Collin said…
I can't believe Anne hasn't checked in with some lesbian wisdom. Anne, where are you?

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