For Your Viewing Pleasure: Bulgarian Idol

Since tonight the Top 10 are set to destroy more classic songs on American Idol, I thought I would share this video of Valentina Hasan auditioning for Bulgarian Idol. She's trying to sing a Mariah Carey song phonetically in English, with hilarious results. There are no words to really describe it, so just watch. Thanks to Minus Five for sending me the link.


bookfraud said…
that is hilarious stuff (and it didn't crash my computer).

i even checked out more of the bulgarian idol clips -- the co-hosts look like gaycrest. for real.
Anonymous said…
Damn it! Now Im going to have "Ken Leeeeeeee" stuck in my head all day.

sounds like you had a fantastic playful literary weekend...

Bulgarian Idol--that's just too much. What an phenomenon, huh? I wonder why??

Will be back tonight to read your run-down...out loud, with my friends & Annie who will be here all to watch the show together. I better get cooking...I'm making chile rellano casserole. The food will be good, even if the singing ain't.

Oh what a joy!

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