We Don't Stop Here

You can now purchase the David Lynch/Mulholland Drive-inspired chapbook anthology, We Don't Stop Here, at The Private Press website. This limited edition chap is absolutely gorgeous, with a shimmery blue cover that recalls the mysterious blue box found by Betty and Rita in the film. Kudos to editor and designer Ivy Alvarez for her work on this. Also at the website, you can hear more audio poems and Ivy's introduction for the project as well as read bios from the contributors -- Emilie Zoey Baker, Juliet Cook, Karen Head, Esther Johnson, Daniel Lloyd and me. There's also a call for submissions for the next chapbook in the David Lynch series, which will feature poems themed around Blue Velvet


Ivy said…
Thanks for the mention, Collin! We missed you at the launch. :-)
Lisa Allender said…
WOW--this book is GORGEOUS!!
...and a call out for "Blue Velvet". That is in my Top Ten Favorite Films of all time!
I think you know my I met-Isabella-Rosellini-at-LAX-a-few-years-after-I saw-that-film-and-she-and-I-had-a-nice-chat.
That film balanced eroticism with purity, very well. That's where I myself would start with a poem for that chapbook...hmmmm..
I gotta submit something to that chapbook, Coll...
the word verification this morning is:
that's funny.
Anonymous said…
Very cool looking book. I really like your poem.

Jennifer said…
Your pic on your MySpace page looks pretty studly. You'll undoubtedly get some ass, methinks.
realitywrites said…
congrats! that looks very cool. I wish I hadn't missed the Twin Peaks one!
Collin said…
Ah, the blessing of more ass...thank you, Jennifer. :)

Rw...you can still get copies of the Twin Peaks chap at The Private Press store. I think they still have some available.
RJGibson said…
Gorge cover. And the photo is spiffin!
Clare said…
Great looking book Collin and I am also looking forward to hearing the new Portishead album. I loved them back in the day :).
That's a fine poem, Collin. Congratulations.

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