American Idol 7 - Was The Ascot To Blame?

Wha-wha-what? The hot Aussie slice of beefcake has been sent packing tonight on American Idol. Yes, Michael Johns wound up in the bottom three along with Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson. Was it because he kept singing Queen or was it his penchant for wearing scarves twisted into an ascot/cravat for the last two weeks. Read the full recap at Entertainment Weekly's site at this link. Next week, I'll be back to regular recapping here on the blog.

I got in late from the CRUX anthology reading -- which was excellent -- and many thanks to Alice Lovelace, Karen G. Theresa Davis, Kodac Harrison, Tamara Madison and all the other contributors who performed tonight.


I think he sang his best ever tonight while saying goodbye. I feel like I did when Constantine was kicked off. Pretty eye candy, cute personality, good stage presence, bye bye.

I almost threw up in my mouth (to quote you) when the group sang a Jesus song tonight. WTF?? You're lucky you tuned in late.
Yes, the Jesus song ... I was like "What zealot runs this show?"

Are they going to sing an Islam song, a Jewish song, an Athiest song?
Collin said…
Okay, check this out. I missed the opening Jesus number tonight, but they sang it last night as well. The song is called "Shout to the Lord," and last night at the end of Idol Gives Back instead of saying Jesus they said "shepherd" in that opening verse. Fox apparently caught all sorts of hell about the change -- since they are the Christian terrorist network of choice -- so tonight they made the Top 8 sing it again and put the word Jesus back in. This song should have never been on the show period. Religious affiliation should have nothing to do with charity.
Lisa Allender said…
I think the Jesus thing was completely unnecessary. And I love JC.But it's sooo wrong to do that. I kept thinking, what about Jewish folks, Hindus,---and like Montgomerey said---the atheists... This is "American Idol"--last time I checked-- not "Religious Idol".
However, Coll, plenty of charities would be hurting if it weren't for the synagoges, temples, churches, it or not, I'm certain Fox felt if they "pandered" a bit, they'd get more donations...
bookfraud said…
well, at least they didn't sing "jews killed our lord and savior."

you are right that the fox christian terrorist network betrayed it's viewer base by the blasphemy of substituting "shepherd" for "jesus."

is it possible with michael johns ascot + too many queen songs = gay panic?
Anonymous said…
That was a totally unexpected elimination last night and the writers and Ryan or whoever writes the stupid dialogue made Michael think he wasn't going to get cut since they didn't send anyone home last year during Idol GIves back and then cut him anyway. So much for Christian charity at Fox.

Jennifer said…
Does Entertainment Weekly make you edit out all of the obscenities in your recap to post at their site?

I'm glad that butthead Michael Johns is gone. Him and his dumb ascot. All I could think of each time I saw him was Carly Simon singing "...your hat strategically tipped below one eye / Your scarf, it was apricot / You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte..."

Believe me, though, I never dreamed that assclown would be my partner, that he'd be my partner, and HE'S SO VAIN, and this song is definitely not about him.

Good riddance, Seacrest! BTW, Idol Gives Back made me cry, particularly when I saw how huge Ann Wilson has become.
Collin said…

Hey, don't hate on Ann. She's been a big girl since the 80s -- they just hid her behind walls and put her in the shadows in the videos. Check out "Never" and "There's the Girl" or in "Alone" where they put her up in the dark balcony in soft focus and made her hair bigger than her entire body. And just close ups of her face...a veil. You Tube for yourself and see. All of us can't be skinny bitches.
Clare said…
Ohh I didn't realise they had a normal American Idol as well as Idol Gives Back. I saw the latter but didn't see any of the actual show.

I wasn't keen on any of the songs the actual Idols sang on Idol Gives Back. I hated their version of Seasons of Love. I did love Carrie Underwood's version of "Praying For Time" though.

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