Limp Wrist Goes Live

The first issue of the new online literary magazine, Limp Wrist, is now live. Created by Dustin Brookshire and beautifully designed by Montgomery Maxton, the first issue contains a stellar line up of poets: Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Denise Duhamel, Cecilia Woloch, Dara Wier, David Trinidad, Brent Goodman, Beth Gylys, Taylor Teegarden, Gillian Mccain, Corey Mesler, Bobbi Lurie, Michelle A. Ladwig, Jeremy Glazier, Jeffery Conway, Stacie Boschma and yours truly. There is also great art work, a review of Beth Gylys' Matchbook by Charles Jensen and interviews with Laure-Anne and Alex Gildzen. My two poems are dirrrrty, so don't let the kids read 'em. Hats off to Dustin and Montgomery.


Anonymous said…
Is is wrong to say both of those are hot in a way. They brought back memories of exploring with my friends at the time. We were totally straight of course or at least they were.

Dustin said…
Thanks for the pimping!
wondermachine said…
Beautiful job! Lovely imagery.
Enjoyed the poems in LW, Collin. Congratulations.
Lisa Allender said…
"First Blackmail" is up there in your "Top 5 Edgiest". Which is really saying somethin! Loved it.
In the first poem:
"junior high. And the smell of blood is in the air." Great lines from one of my fav CK poems!

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