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A number of online journals have recently updated their sites. Check out the wonderful poetry, consider submitting and support the online journals. They are the future of poetry.
Featuring poems by Joshua Ware, Sally Van Doren, Mathias Svalina, Sean Singer, Sandra Simonds, Jessica Piazza, Carrie Meadows, Ada Limón, Thomas Fink, Jason Bredle, Kate Bernadette Benedict, Boe Barnett, Deborah Ager and William Aarnes.

Five poems each by seven area poets: Robin Chapman, Danielle Cadena Deulen, Susan Elbe, Jacob Gamage, Ray Hsu, Nick Lantz and Lauren Shapiro. This is Charles Jensen's baby, guest edited by Brent Goodman.

Featuring new work by Doris Davenport, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Jeff Daniel Marion, Jeff Mann, Nicole Cartwright Denison, Jim Minick, Jason Hibbitts, Scott Owens, Libby Falk Jones, Helen Losse and Morgan Richards. This is Sam Rasnake's journal, but this is a special Appalachia-themed issue guest edited by Felicia Mitchell.

Poems by Cristina Baptista, Frank DePoole, William Doreski, Thomas Hyland, Paul Handley, Thomas Hyland, Corey Mesler and M.E. Silverman. Edited by Justin Evans.

And in case you missed the other post...

Summer edition guest edited by Jenni Russell featuring Geer Austin, Brian Campbell, Janann Dawkins, Gregory Donovan, Collin Kelley, Cindy Kelly, Alan King, Ellen Kombiyil, Christopher Luna, Montgomery Maxton, Erika Mikkalo, Taye Neese, David Petruzelli, J.D. Smith and Franz Wright.


Brian Campbell said…
I enjoyed your selections in MiPoesias...powerful, concentrated writing. You're on my blogroll...keep up the good work.

Brian Campbell
Justin Evans said…

Thanks for the plug. I appreciate it.
Collin, thanks for this run-down...makes it easier to check them out.
DeadMule said…
Hi Collin, Cool post. I post about my own work, about poets in the Mule, and about other bloggers who are poets. But I never thought about posting some new publications. Thanks for mentioning me. Best, Helen
Emily Benton said…
thanks for the links - I'm really enjoying the Blue Fifth Review's Appalachian issue.
Thanks for the shout out - Collin.
becauseweloveit said…
thanks for the post. I have only submitted poems for publication once, about four years ago, and the magazine was going to publish them, but folded the week before that was to happen. Looking through all of these mags made me want to try it again. Thanks.
Many thanks; I needed to find out about more online lit. mags. I'm enjoying the reading! And I'm always interested in new possibilities for submissions.

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