Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL again!

Tina Fey has Palin down to a science. Here's last night's opening sketch with Fey and Amy Poehler recreating the disastrous interview Palin did with Katie Couric earlier this week.


Maggie May said…
I thought the presidental debates on SNL were Hilarious!! i was rolling especially toward the end with the ' apparently Senator Obama never heard of .... song that goes ' ba-ba-ba ba-barbara ann ' which sounds just like ' bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran'

i paraphrase ,but AHH! funnnny. and the Bill Clinton on the news was a crack up too. he's good.
newzoopoet said…
This was brilliant! And so was the skit with Bill Clinton refusing to actually back Obama. LOLOL
Anonymous said…
Fucking hilarious and i agree that Bill Clinton skit was funny as shit too.

jaxx said…
i'm telling you, what they're doing on SNL makes me sorry (for the first time in my life) that i don't own a television. thank god for the internet, these skits are hilarious!

but frightening, if you think about it. frighteningly accurate. i read somewhere that whole stretches of it are straight from the actual interview transcript.

ugh. a heartbeat away...

Lisa Allender said…
I watched SNL, and that particular show is the funniest in show in the past two years!
I heard Tina Fey will be doing, er, check that, portraying Sarah Palin every other week on SNL. What's really hilarious is that they don't even have to "create" any lines for the sketches to be funny, as they do (as another commenter here mentioned)often, use the ACTUAL lines!
Joel Odom said…
Collin / All,

Totally off-topic, but I was wondering over coffee this morning. What does the left in general think about the Financial bail-out?
Collin said…
I'm against it, but I don't think we have a choice. I think we've rushed into it and haven't looked at all the ramifications. There's been plenty of fear-mongering form the White House and it's minions (what a shock...we've had seven years of that) about the country being on the brink of another Great Depression, so it's going to pass. Looks like McCain and Obama are both voting in favor. That completely negates McCain's maverick status once and for all.
Joel Odom said…
It's funny. I'm against the bail-out, too. I see it as another way to expand an already growing federal government. It also excuses the irresponsible behavior of the banking community.

Per your comment, I think that folks on the left tend to be against it, too. I think that's because the Left tends to see it as a government welfare program for Wall Street Financial Corporations, but please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm still unsure what the liberal wing of the country thinks about the whole thing.

I suppose the best way to get legislation these days is to appeal to the middle... Strange times, indeed.

(P.S. Still no gas. I'm working at home today and tomorrow.)

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