Tuesday Notes & Notions

The schedule for the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival is posted at www.atlqueerlitfest.com. As I was typing it out, I could not believe all the incredible authors we have coming for this event. Check it out and mark your calendar!

Fabulous poet Jeannine Hall Gailey has a mini-review of After the Poison at her blog. Thanks, JHG!

The second season premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was last night and it kicked serious, serious ass. All those asking where the liquid metal Terminators from T:2 were got their answer last night courtesy of Shirley Manson (yes, from Garbage!). Tonight is the series premiere of Fringe, by the creators of Lost. I gave up on the latter show two seasons ago, but Fringe looks interesting so I'll check it out.

This blog will soon be getting a drastic makeover. Modern Confessional has been locked in this template almost since it began five years ago, so in honor of the anniversary, I'll be unveiling a new look in October. Can't wait for you to see the page topper. Heeee...

How is it possible that Obama and McCain are deadlocked in the polls? Wake up, America! Do not let fear and empty rhetoric from McSame and the lies from his Lipstick Barracuda sway you. They are for turning the clock back on women's rights and four more years of the same. Obama and Biden are the only way forward. Oh, and did you hear that Palin has refused to stop playing Heart's Barracuda even after Ann and Nancy Wilson told her to stop? They don't support Palin (what a shock) and apparently the McCain camp has never actually listened to the lyrics. Ann and Nancy should kick Palin's moose-skinning, gun-toting, Bible-thumping ass all the way back to Alaska. 


Lisa Allender said…
And let's not forget SHE'S (Palin) the one who actually encouraged more aerial gunning-down of wolves than anyone in history. She removed their "threatened" status, and even removed THE POLAR BEARS' ENDANGERED SPECIES protection in Alaska(!)
In this wolf scandal-- in 2006 she put a "bounty" on wolves(which still exists)--if you go in an airplane, and run the poor creatures'til they are exhausted and gun them down, and then grab their carcass and cut their left leg off(I swear this is absolute fact!), and bring her that left paw, you get $150.00 (per wolf paw). Her reasoning? She feels the wolves "threaten" native peoples' livelihood(just for the record, no tribes have EVER complained about the wolves--in fact, wolves are a huge part of their lore). Most folks believe she wants 'em dead because they get in the way of all the drilling getting done in Alaska (sigh).
I've not mentioned Ms. Palin in my own blog. She's getting waaaay too much attention, but I had to post here about even more stuff she's guilty of!(double-sigh)
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see the new blog look.

That last sentence is one of your best ever!
bookfraud said…
sarah palin is the peter sellars candidate: she's a combination of chauncey gardiner, dr. strangelove, and inspector clouseau.

i fear the worst: mccain is elected, dies four weeks into his term, and president palin turns the nation into bible-belt alaska writ large.

as i've said before, a nation that chooses george w. bush twice is capable of electoral stupidity of the highest order.
Anonymous said…
Your last sentence is empty. If Ann and Nancy were to take on Sarah Palin, they'd better bring some more help. I'd be betting on Sarah if it came down to a fist fight.

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