Tuesday Bits

The first issue of Motel 58 is out now. I have two new poems -- "What I Know About the Air" and "Night 65" -- in this new lit mag edited by Tom Williams. Also featured: Robert Wood, Timons Esaias, T. Clear, Karen Head, John Castellarin, Robert Miltner, Cheryl A. Townsend, Martha Vallely, Mike James and Jennifer McLaughlin. You can buy a copy, subscribe and find out about submissions at www.motel58.blogspot.com. Please support new lit mags by buying, reading and submitting.

Limp Wrist magazine is getting ready to publish its second edition and they have some exciting news about a scholarship opportunity for a young poet who identifies as GLBT. Not only will they get some cash, but they will also earn a spot at the Juniper Summer Writing Institute in 2009. Check out editor Dustin Brookshire's blog for all the details at this link.

I'm reading tomorrow night (Wednesday, Oct. 8) at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center with Karen Head. If you're in the ATL, come on by and listen. I'll have copies of After the Poison for purchase and I'll be road-testing some new work, too. 

In case you haven't heard/read, the mystery behind ForGodot.com's 4,000 page "anthology" is solved at the Poetry Foundation's Harriet blog. Here's the link. The hysterical reaction by some poets to this piss-take has been very amusing, but it appears the creators have now removed the anthology after multiple-threats of lawsuits and Ron Silliman being a total jackass, killjoy by publishing the creators' phone numbers and addresses. Talk about overreaction. 


Anonymous said…
I wasn't too far off on my forgodot thoughts - it's art (his algorithm + the names + posting it = art experiment)! And poets, we take ourselves too seriously.
Premium T. said…
I enjoyed your poems in motel 58, especially "...ripe with scents/like beheadings and bombardment...."

--T. Clear
Collin said…
T...very kind of you. Loved yours, too. Very real, grounded and full of momentum. "...remnant to scour your sweaty neck". Love that.
Anonymous said…
Issue 1 PDF from forgodot.com:

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