Why You Must Vote For Obama On Nov. 4

Found this on C. Dale's blog and had to share it. Obama's speech in Richmond, Va. yesterday is right up there with his convention appearance. Inclusive, inspiring and 100 percent presidential. This is 5:36 worth your time if you're on the fence, having doubts or just need a boost. Go, Obama, Go!!!


jaxx said…
thank you so much for posting this one collin. i'm going to share it on my blog as well -- i want everyone to see it.

what a great way to start the day, with an inspiration like this!
I sent this to a bunch of people one of whom was my brother. I sent it with a message of excitement and he sent back this vile invective. I'm so hurt and angry with him. I just have to remember to "stick with the winners" and not let the quagmire bring me down. You just wonder how such different people can come from the same M&D. It's a little sickening.
Lisa Allender said…
HI Coll:I love you, kid. Thank you Coll, Thank you C. Dale, I'm sending it out, too!
Jaxx: I agree--very uplifting!
Hi Melissa! I know it hurts when a family member can't see the world through your eyes, but keep the faith. My sis voted "W" in 2004, but she is excited about a worthwhile change, a strong leader----and is voting Obama this year. Your bro may come around, yet. If not, he'll be pleasantly surprised after Obama's elected!

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