Live Blogging Election Results

It's almost 9 p.m. on the East Coast and I'm at poetry pal Karen Head's house watching election returns. We're channel hopping between CNN and ABC, but not MSNBC because they only have basic cable (naughty!). Nevertheless, at this writing Obama has 102 electoral votes and McCain has 34. Both networks have given Pennsylvania to Obama. Bizarrely, CNN is now using holograms of its reporters. It's all very Star Wars...except it's not.

Dem. Kay Hagan has beat Elizabeth Dole for senate in North Carolina!!! Dole destroyed her campaign by releasing that slanderous ad about Hagan being "godless." Everyone is over the negative campaigning. This is a great win!

Karen wanted me to mention that while we were eating dinner in the dining room, we were watching the election returns on a small black and white television. It was all very Pleasantville, but with more wine.

A bunch of midwest states just closed and CNN is making projections like mad: Obama with 174 electoral votes and McCain 49.

Georgia has just gone to McCain. What a shock.

Still waiting to hear what's happening in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.

Obama ahead in the states above, and Ohio, but still too early to call.

CNN just gave Ohio to Obama!!!

Did you know that a Republican hasn't won a presidential election without winning Ohio? CNN has repeated this phrase so often that if it were a drinking game, I'd be under the table or out of alcohol. ABC has Obama with 200 electoral votes and 124 for McCain. It seems almost impossible for McCain to win now. But I'm still holding my breath.

New Mexico just fell to Obama! Yes!

CNN just gave Obama the state of Iowa. The number of Congressional seats is also slowly creeping toward a Democratic sweep.

Watching Indecision 2008 on Comedy Central with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Hilarious!

Obama at 207 and McCain at 95 on CNN. Western states are going to close soon and then this thing is over.

Karen just brought out the champagne!

Obama at 207 and McCain at 129. McCain just took Texas. No shock there.

Twitter folks are saying Florida is about to go to Obama.

Saxby Chambliss (UGH!) leading Jim Martin for senate here in Georgia. I still hope Martin could come from behind. Chambliss is a moron.

CNN using more Star Wars holograms. Send in the Clones.

FOX calling Virginia for Obama!!!!!

Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas is a hologram on CNN. AP calling New Mexico for Obama.

CNN has Obama at 207 and McCain at 135. Obama really only needs California to go over the magical 270 and this thing is over.



Anonymous said…
This made me laugh. Glad its over now but still hoping Proposition 8 is defeated.

jaxx said…
just read your liveblog and got excited all over again.

my god, it's morning in america!

btw, there's something wrong with the georgia vote -- totals are WAY lower than they should be, seems like early votes might not have been counted. in which case chambliss might still be out on his ass, and the state may yet be called for President O. hopefully they'll get it all straightened out today.

and thank GOD obama has a total mandate even without your fair state. my head would explode if we had to go through another recount nailbiter.
Jennifer said…
This is the best line in your post: "I still hope Martin could come from behind." Laughed ass off when I saw this. It's nice to imagine Saxby Chambliss grabbing his ankles, no?

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