Marry Me, Keith! Olbermann on Proposition 8

Keith Olbermann's special comment on Proposition 8 was aired tonight on his MSNBC show, Countdown. This is 6:29 of absolute perfection. If you aren't moved by these sentiments, probably voted for Prop 8. 


Brian Campbell said…
Incredible oration!
jaxx said…
keith actually made me cry rather than rage and break walls with my bare fist, the way he usually does.

i'll fight you for him, collin!
stacebro said…
I watched it last night on the show, and for the second time in a week, teared up with the beauty of what is right. I liked that he pointed out that he has no vested interest in this, that it's not a "special interest" but an interest of humanity. I big heart him.
Rauan Klassnik said…
I used to think that at some point in the not too distant future we will all look back and wonder how at any point the right to marriage was not everyone's right. That for society at large this right will be assumed, self-evident. And why it was so difficult for things so basically wrong and stupid to change.

I'd like still to think so.

But there seems to be no limit to the good or bad that man is capable of.
Anonymous said…
Keith just became my favorite straight person in the world.

Tilt Press said…
fan.tas.tic. I love that he countered every so called "objection" in any great book with the most important ideology of all: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Tilt Press said…
^^that was rachel^^ =)
Lisa Allender said…
Yep, I use the "slaves could not legally marry" and "blacks and whites, in many states, could not marry" arguments.
Keith Olbermann is one sound, strong, cool man. I missed this recent plea(more of a plea than a "rant", I'd say), so THANK YOU for posting this, Collin.
Pris said…
I'm in tears, Collin. What a beautiful statement!
Anonymous said…
This video has definitely gone viral. Its everywhere.

David Herrle said…
Though I'm not a talking head fan in general, this spiel is deeply touching and very important.

Though churches should be able to play their game any way they wish - just like any other club - marriage should otherwise be a lover thing and not a government thing. "Definition of marriage" is busybody noise.

Besides, Christianity-wise, marriage wasn't a sacrament until over 500 years after Jesus. And the wedding ceremony isn't detailed much if at all in the Bible, as far as I know. I think that's why the Separatists refused to get hitched in church.

Thumbs up to Keith.
I want say, "What a hero!" And I do say so. Yet how sad that this beautiful address is so outstanding, when it ought to be the norm. It does in fact represent "normality" in the meaning of sanity.

According to my favourite psychiatrist, both race prejudice and anti-gay prejudice are signs of severe mental disturbance.
Brrrooom! said…
I have to disagree with your favorite psychiatrist. If racial and anti-gay prejudice *were* signs of severe mental disorder, they wouldn't be nearly so problematic. It's the *banality* of intolerance that makes it so entrenched and allows it to actually affect lives - otherwise very nice people who, for whatever reason, decide to not include certain groups in their calculus of acceptance.

Intolerance is not a mental health issue, it's a legal and policy issue.

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